EXCLUSIVE! Monster Hunter World Devs Fly in to Share Their World to the PH!

The PH becomes witness to the awesomeness of Monster Hunter World!

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The UnGeek team had a monster of a sit-down last Wednesday, November 22, 2017. Our friends from Datablitz gave us the opportunity to interview two of Capcom’s lead developers – Yuya Tokuda (Game Director) and Ryozo Tsujimoto (Game Producer) – for the upcoming hotness of a game that is Monster Hunter World! Being the true hunters that we are, it was a no-brainer for us to take on this highly urgent quest!


Right from the get-go, they were smiling and had a very positive vibe. Both of them approached each and every one of us and shook our hands. They said that this is the first time that they went to the Philippines.

The event began with a brief presentation from our legendary guests. It started with them showcasing some new stuff that’s to be expected from the game, both in hardware and software starting with the limited-edition Rathalos PS4 Console that is expected to hit our shores by the end of January.


Afterwards, they immediately proceeded to grab the controller to demo some interesting new features for the game. Here are some of the takes during the demonstration:


  • The demo monsters presented were called the Great Girros and Radobaan.
  • The environment plays a huge factor in gameplay (both for the hunters and the monsters).
  • Expect “monster vs monster” encounters during your quests. They are a sight to see! Just make sure you are not on the receiving end!
  • Exploration / Expedition mode will be available for players to freely roam the map outside of quests.
  • The flora and fauna can be utilized on top of players’ items (e.g. using vines for traps, Paratoads can be capitalized for special paralyzing effects).
  • The demo showed visible damage stats (numbers) during attacks. It is safe to think that this will be removed from the finished product. (Edit: “Damage numbers will be permanent for newbies to be able to gauge which parts takes the most damage from your attacks.” – Credit to Jason De Ocampo of Monster Hunter World Philippines)
  • Slingers and Mantles were utilized.
  • Players can equip “Mantles” for varying effects (e.g. the Challenger Mantle gives additional defense, Glider Mantle, on the other hand provides stabilized jumping and gliding).
  • From the looks of it, players can now “fast travel” back to the base camp without using a Farcaster.


That was the first part of the presentation. We didn’t know we were in for a treat as they surprised us with the last demo before the interview proper, which featured the flagship monster himself… Nergigante! Here’s what we took from that:

  • Nergigante is classified as an “Elder Dragon” which is in the same vein as a Fatalis and Kushala Daora.
  • The monster is capable of dealing high amounts of damage and can do one-hit KO’s.
  • It has a healing factor and is said to have a fast regeneration of health.
  • Negigante’s horns indicate status – if white, it is more susceptible to the hunter’s attacks. On the other hand if it is black, it indicates that it is in rage mode.
  • We also observed that while the beast is mounted by a hunter, players can move from the monster’s back, going to the head.


Excited? That was just Part 1 of our coverage for Monster Hunter World! Stay tuned for Part 2 where we go in-depth with the developers in our exclusive interview! We made sure to ask those important, hard hitting and life-changing questions (like for example, does the returning mascot “Poogie the Pig” really alter the RNG’s on carves and rewards?) so you don’t have to!


Again, special thanks to Datablitz for making this possible!


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