8 classic console RPG’s that we’d like to see remade or remastered and not re-MEH’d!

take your time, just make it GOOD!

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Remakes or remasters and not new, by any stretch. For the uninitiated, remakes are when the developers usually overhaul large chunks of the game to somewhat recreate the same game but with possibly radical changes to gameplay, graphics, etc. Remasters are simple graphical updates to have the game take on the look of current graphical standards. Developers and publishers use this to put out a game in a relatively short amount of time to tide the gamers over before the next big release. Old classics are the targets for most remakes or remasters, with some being really goodsome not so bad, and some reaaaaally bad.

With this trend not dying out anytime soon and some of the best (or worst) ports are from RPG’s, we over at Ungeek would like to present to you our list of 8 console RPG’s that SHOULD be remade or remastered PROPERLY. Developers and publishers, you’ve been warned, don’t mess these up! And if you’re wondering where Final Fantasy 7 is and why it’s not on the list, take a chill pill, it’s being remade already. Lost Odyssey SHOULD be here, I just wanted to focus more on the older generation RPG’s.

Suikoden 1 / 2

Really, just take your pick. You cannot go wrong with either Suikoden 1 or 2. Whether you choose to slay Barbarossa again or want to teach Luca Blight another lesson in whoop-ass, these 2 timeless classics deserve a remake, and not just a remaster, in my opinion. Will you be able to save Gremio? Will you be able to collect all the 108 stars of destiny? Suikoden 1 and 2 are timeless classics that deserve all the respect and care when being remade, Konami make this happen! Oh and please, none of that Metal Gear Survive mess, please?


Super Mario RPG

If you had told me that Super Mario would make a great RPG, I would have scoffed at the thought. Well what do you know, Super Mario RPG from the SNES is one of the greatest RPG’s of all time and Mario and the crew are in desperate need of some 4K overhaul. Nintendo has shown that they make GREAT games, not as much as others, but you can be assured of the quality of their releases. If there’s anyone that can do this right, it’s Nintendo and Squaresoft, we’ll be waiting! Take note, Squaresoft. :p


Final Fantasy 6

People who claim that Final Fantasy 7 or Final Fantasy 9 as the greatest Final Fantasy games most probably have not played Final Fantasy 6. ARGUABLY the best Final Fantasy ever made, everything about this game shouts masterpiece, from the glorious soundtrack to the memorable characters, don’t let the graphics fool you, this game plays so much better than a lot of the games these days and is very much worth of the remake or remaster effort. I’d personally be ok with a remaster, but hey FF7 is being remade right? FF6 should be next on the list, give me a hell yeah!


Chrono Cross

Ahh the Radical Dreamers. A definitive classic from the Playstation 1 era, this game is a shoo in for top RPG remakes we’d like to see if only for the soundtrack alone. PLEASE DO NOT MESS AROUND WITH THE SOUNDTRACK like what happened to the Secret of Mana remake. Hey, who wouldn’t want to see Riddel, Leena, Kid, and Steena in stunning 4K? I’m sure I would and I’m sure you would too!



Ok I’m not quite sure about this just because I do not want to see Krelian’s behind in high resolution. I kid, this list would probably be a joke without Xenogears in the line up. Awesome mech battles, lovable characters, and a superb combo battle system, I’ve probably purchased Xenogears multiple times already over various Playstation Network sales and if this was being remade or remastered, heck just take my money right now!


Lunar Silver Star Story

I’ve had a lot of fond late night memories from this game. I didn’t own a Sega CD back then (because SNES) so this game was a lost cause for me until it got released for the Playstation and suddenly I realized that I shouldn’t have waited for years to play this wonderful entry in the Lunar series. Sure you could argue that Eternal Blue could have replaced this, but Silver Star Story is where the greatness started and that takes the cake for me! Luna and Jessica are <3!


Skies of Arcadia

Skies of Arcadia is most probably the one game that you’d use a guide for to complete and find all the discoveries. I mean, I remember one discovery being a literal pixel on the map that you could just pass by if you didn’t have the exact coordinates! Even though it was tedious finding everything, the sense of satisfaction from the game as a whole was so worth it, everything about the game was very fulfilling and you’d find yourself awake in the wee hours of the morning asking where the time went due to its engrossing gameplay.


Final Fantasy Tactics

Last but DEFINITELY not the least, another game that cannot be snubbed. Final Fantasy tactics is a veritable time eater, like literally a game that is easily worth hundreds of hours. The job class system is to die for, it’s simply a cut above the rest, and finding that perfect party composition will give you the greatest feeling ever. Did you ever manage to get Cloud Strife as a party member? Hey, we won’t judge if you didn’t.


Honorable mentions:

Breath of Fire 2, Lufia and the Fortress of Doom, Valkyrie Profile, and Vandal Hearts.


“But where’s Legend of Legaia? Legend of Dragoon? Vagrant Story? etc…” Hey, that’s the thing, there’s SO MUCH that we’d love to see but we just made the list a bit more manageable. Do you agree with our list? Any games you feel should have made the cut? What’s on your list? We love to hear from you old school gamers out there, let us know what games you’d like to see remade or remastered!