Thinking of upgrading your dingy ol’ laptop to a gaming powerhouse? You may want to act fast as ASUS Republic of Gamers will be raffling off an exclusive limited-edition ROG G-Shock for those that will purchase ROG and FX Series units until May 20, 2018 from any authorized dealers and ASUS ROG resellers.

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Among the excellent selections that qualifies for the raffle are ASUS ROG’s latest 8th-Gen Intel Processor-powered units! Showcasing the latest iterations and evolution of ROG and FX lines that has enthralled the gaming community, these new devices are here to satisfy your every geeky gaming needs (if you have the cash to spare, of course).

Obviously, we zoomed in on the new Zephyrus M series, and boy oh, boy, seeing this baby in person makes you want to forget that your bank account has a limit!

Swipe! Swipe! Swipe! Swipe! Swipe!

The crème de la crème of portable gaming, the Zephyrus M took everything we loved about the Zephyrus and amped it up, well, to the power of 8! The sleek design is still in play with relatively thinner bezels to hold a 15.6″ 1.44Hz Full HD IPS Screen and the keyboards are now adjusted to give your hands a bit of palm rest.

A more familiar keyboard orientation for the Zephyrus M

As with the first Zephyrus, the Zephyrus M also has a flap that opens up when you open the screen — this is called their Active Aerodynamic System. This allows better airflow and ventilation which will keep your machine running much more optimally than it normally could.

Zephyrus OG’s keyboard layout. Which one do you prefer?


But ASUS going all Ham on their top-of-the-line doesn’t mean they neglect their entry to mid-range models? Nay! In fact, their FX Series is given the TUFF treatment with the new ASUS FX504 TUFF Gaming Notebook.

As we pointed out in our previous article, the TUFF Gaming Notebook lends sleek lines and militaristic design to the once minimalistic tone of the FX Series. While it doesn’t have the ROG branding, the Stealth Fighter grooves on the shell of the monitor alludes to its pedigree.

Specs-wise, the FX504 holds out on its own. With the latest 8th-Gen Intel core processors (i5 or i7) and a GPU ranging from GTX 1050 to 1060, the FX504 TUFF is also equipped with a fast 120Hz 3ms wide-view IPS Monitor – all for under 78k at the most!

FX504GM-EN001T (Metal) 15″ FHD IPS 120HZ i5-8300 8G 1TB+128G PCIE GTX1060 6GD5 ₱77,995
FX504GE-EN039T (Metal) 15″ FHD IPS 120HZ i7-8750 8G 1TBSSH+128PCIE GTX1050ti 4GD5 ₱72,995
FX504GE-EN179T (Metal) 15″ FHD IPS 120HZ i7-8750 8G 1TB-8GSSH GTX1050Ti 4GD5 ₱69,995
FX504GD-EN045T (Metal) 15″ FHD IPS 120HZ i5-8300 4G 1TB-8GSSH GTX1050 4GD5 ₱56,995


We saw a whole lot more notebooks and this wacky desktop during their SM Mall of Asia debut last week. Check the image gallery below for drool-worthy tech.

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If you’re itching to try the units out, we suggest you head out to the nearest ROG concept stores and bring your checkbook (and/or credit card) as well. Who knows, you could be rocking a whole new gaming system AND an awesome watch before the month ends.

For more information about the ROG Domin8th G-Shock Promo, CLICK THE LINK HERE.