Beat Saber Will Deliver Your Laser Sword and Sound Fix For the PSVR | E3 2018

Become a Jedi Soundmaster in this wonderful Rhythm game.


Finally! Beat Saber! I’ve been seeing this game popping up on more than one occasion in my Facebook feed and I for one is patiently hoping for a proper home release. Well, from the recent news that just popped up on E3, looks like we wont have to cross our fingers (or sabers, for that matter) as the game is coming to the PlayStation 4 home console via the PlayStation VR! (Check out the video above)


For those unaware, Beat Saber is a Rhythm game that sees you wield a lightsaber in both hands where you use said weapon to slash through passing blocks all coming at you in the coolest, most electronically-sounding way possible. Just check out the video above, it really is as satisfying as it looks!

More on this and other games as E3 comes into full swing this week!

Official site – Beatsaber