[PH GIVEAWAY ALERT] Take E3 2018 with you with the Ungeek Merch Giveaway!

Wanna get some E3 2018 Swag? Well, check the deets out!

It’s been such a blessing for us to be able to go to the US and cover one of the biggest, if not the biggest, video gaming conventions in the world — E3 2018. We’ve been churning out stories from the ground and even gave you guys an FB Live tour of the 2 massive halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center but we feel we’d like to give you guys a much more tangible experience. So, in the tradition of Ungeek when we have any major international convention coverage, we’re bringing A WHOLE LOT OF E3 SWAG to you! That’s right! It’s back, Ungeek’s Merch Giveaway!

5 lucky readers will take home massive gift packs from things we found at the E3 floor and a couple of goodies from our brand partners, Uniqlo and GameOne.

So, without further ado, here’s what’s instore for you guys.

Ungeek x E3 2018 Pack A

E3 2018 Merch Pack A consists of the following:

  • EA Play sling backpack
  • Buzz Lightyear Plushie
  • Microsoft Xbox E3 2018 Press ID
  • Antman and Wasp mini comic
  • Twitch Pop Pack
  • Daily Bugle Spider-man Paper
  • A tiny Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Nebula Lapel Pin
  • Marvel Mini Rockers (Captain America and IronMan)
  • Collectible Lapel Pin (blind pack)
  • Cars Sticker
  • Uniqlo x Blizzard Heroes of the Storm Shirt
  • Gran Turismo Shirt


Ungeek x E3 2018 Pack B

E3 2018 Merch Pack B consists of the following:

  • Final Fantasy XIV large tarpaulin bag
  • Dragon Quest E3 Shirt
  • PlayStation E3 Presscon Lanyard
  • Square mini Poster
  • Fortnite cup with straw
  • Just Cause Cap (Navy)
  • Horizon Zero Dawn Pins
  • Tearaway Plush
  • Uniqlo x Blizzard Heroes of Overwatch Shirt


Ungeek x E3 2018 Pack C

E3 2018 Merch Pack C consists of the following:

  • Final Fantasy XIV large tarpaulin bag
  • METRO Exodus Lanyard
  • Fallout Exclusive E3 2018 POP Shirt
  • Nightmare Before Christmas Figurine (Sally)
  • Mixer pin
  • Layers of Fear Nintendo Switch skin
  • Bandai-Namco bag chain
  • Uniqlo x Blizzard Diablo Shirt

Ungeek x E3 2018 Pack D

E3 2018 Merch Pack D consists of the following:

  • Final Fantasy XIV large tarpaulin bag
  • Nintendo Lanyard
  • Rainbow Six the Division Armband
  • Rainbow Six the Division Shirt
  • Hitman Mini Rubber Duck Key Chain
  • Square Enix Mini Poster
  • Mixer pin
  • Street Fighter V Pouch
  • Uniqlo x Blizzard Hearthstone Shirt


Ungeek x E3 2018 Pack E

E3 2018 Merch Pack E consists of the following:

  • Persona 3/5 Dancing Large Tarpaulin Bag
  • Exclusive E3 2018 Shirt
  • Nintendo Lanyard + Media ID holder
  • Star Wars Captain Phasma Bag Clip
  • Pin
  • Uncharted Collection Notebook
  • God of War Key Chain
  • Uniqlo x Blizzard Overwatch Lucio Shirt


So how does one win one of these exclusive E3 2018 packs? Listen up, everyone!


First of all, make sure you’re FOLLOWING us on FACEBOOK and on YOUTUBE and don’t forget to click the notification icon and the bell icon on YouTube. This makes sure that you guys get the freshest news from our end – and a notification when we announce the winners. Also do give a LIKE to our friends at UNIQLO PH, GAMEONE PH, and OPPO PH for supporting our coverage initiative.

  1. SHARE this article on your timeline (make the post public) with the hashtags #UngeekE3Giveaway #UngeekPh
  2. An the comment section of the Facebook postTAG 2 of your friends and write which item pack you’d want to win and why. Write them in this format  [E3 Pack A] + comment + tag 2 people For example: [E3 Pack B] I reaaally want that Dragon Quest XI shirt and that cool press-only lanyard from the PlayStation Press con! Join in on the fun @Serena and @Veronica! #UngeekE3Giveaway #UngeekPh
  3. We will group all entries per Pack and choose 1 among each.
  4. You may make an entry to each pack ONCE — meaning you have a total of 5 chances of getting one of the packs. You must tag a different set of persons on succeeding entries. Simply enter another comment using the format above i.e. “[E3 Pack A] Super hyped about the new Spider-man Game and that Daily Bugle Newsprint will be an amazing addition to my collection, right @Miles, @Ben? #UngeekE3Giveaway #UngeekPh”
  5. You may only win once.

Qualifications & Restriction

  1. This contest runs from July 6, 2018 to July 19, 2018 11:59pm.
  2. This contest is open to all readers of Ungeek.ph who are currently residing in the Philippines and/or have the capability to claim the items within the Philippines.
  3. Winners must be able to provide a Metro Manila delivery address and/or agree to meetup within the Metro Manila area to claim the prize.
  4. Ungeek will shoulder delivery cost within Metro Manila.
  5. Unclaimed prizes after 30 days of announcement will be disposed by Ungeek in whatever form they deem fit.

And that’s it! Goodluck to all who will join and we hope that you enjoyed our Special E3 2018 Coverage. Stay tuned for more stories that will be coming out about our E3 journey soon. We really want to share the experience with you guys!