[SPOILER WARNING] Amazing Indeed! | Unboxing the Marvel’s Spider-Man Collector’s Edition

    Now that's drool-worthy Spidey statue!


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    Marvel’s Spider-Man is out now on the PS4, and it’s probably the best Spider-Man title to date! Not only does it nail web-swinging, it also features jaw-dropping graphics and a great story, not to mention the awesome photo mode.

    For big Spidey fans then, the game is a must-buy; especially the Collector’s Edition (if you can still get one that is). We were lucky enough to snag a Spider-Man CE before it ran out! So without further ado, here’s an unboxing of the Marvel’s Spider-Man Collector’s Edition:

    The Spider-Man CE comes in a fairly large red box complete with an artwork of the web-slinger himself on the side. The box has a simpler design compared to the God of War Collector’s Edition box.

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    Once you open it, you’ll be greeted with an insert that warns players not to open it as spoilers are inside; we’re assuming that’s the code for the upcoming City That Never Sleeps three-part DLC.  Just under that is a cool “White Spider” sticker, along with a 64-page mini Artbook.

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    We skimmed through a couple of pages of the Artbook, and it contains gorgeous concept and character art.



    Speaking of gorgeous, the game itself comes in a minimalist steelbook adorned with the White Spider logo.


    Inside the steelbook is the disc of the game itself, along with voucher codes in-game content such as a Spidey Suit Pack, Extra Skill Points, Early Unlock of the Spidey Drone, and a Spider-Man Custom PS4 Theme + Avatar.


    Finally, we have THE REASON to get a Collector’s Edition of the game, and it is the exclusive Spider-Man statue by Gentle Giant! The statue features Spider-Man in the game’s signature White Spider suit and posed atop a tangle of weapon and armor pieces from his greatest villains. The details include armor/weapons from the likes of Vulture, Rhino, Scoprion, Electro, and Mister Negative.

    Here are some more pics of the exclusive Spider-Man statue:


    And that’s it for the unboxing of the Spider-Man Collector’s Edition for the PS4. Personally, the statue and the artbook makes this one a worthy buy, though it was a bit lacking in the accessories department, especially when compared with the God of War Collector’s Edition.

    Marvel’s Spider-Man is out now exclusively on the PS4. You can check out our full review of the game here (spoilers: it’s a really good game).

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