PlayStation 5 dev kit design leaks online

What do you think of the design?

Sony finally confirmed last week that the PlayStation 5 is releasing in Holiday 2020. Alongside the announcement, Sony revealed more info about the new controller coming with the console, but they have yet to show us any actual photos of the console itself.

Last August though, Dutch site LetsGoDigital revealed what they claim to be designs of PS5 dev kits. While we weren’t eager to believe these to be official, a report by Eurogamer confirmed that these designs are real.

Compared to the designs of the previous PlayStation consoles, the PS5 dev kit sport a busy look, complete with lots of vents and other design details. Of course, even if these are legit designs, these probably won’t be the final design of the PS5 once it hits the shelves next year.

In case you’re unfamiliar, console dev kits are hardware sent by console manufacturers to developers so that they can create games ahead of a console’s release. These dev kits almost always look different and have a developer-limited features compared to final production units of a console.

Here’s a 3D render of the PS5 dev kit from LetsGoDigital for a better look at the design:

For the actual design of the PS5, we’ll have to wait a bit longer for Sony to reveal more info. In the meantime, read more about what we do know about the PS5 here:

The PlayStation 5 launches in Holiday 2020

Source: LetsGoDigital, Eurogamer