Return to the Land of Midgard with the All-New Strategy + Idle Game ‘Ragnarok Tactics’

Available for Pre-Registration now in SEA!

Ready your smartphones, Ragnarok fans! Gravity, the creators of the original Ragnarok Online MMORPG, recently announced that the new mobile title ‘Ragnarok Tactics‘ is now up for pre-registration in all SEA territories! Ragnarok Tactics is a new strategy RPG with idle elements, meaning even busy gamers can get to enjoy the game.

Gameplay in Ragnarok Tactics lets players command a roster of familiar Ragnarok Online monsters against various enemies. While the game allows for various strategies to defeat enemies, Ragnarok Tactics will also have an “Idle” feature which lets the game automatically farm while the player is offline.

Aside from the standard game mode, Ragnarok Tactics includes Real-time PvP: Battle mode, letting players battle each other in real-time. The game will also have an extensive Guild System where player can join guilds and team up with guildmates to face various difficult challenges.

Ragnarok Tactics: Experience is an all-new adventure in the classic world of Ragnarok Online. Interested? Pre-register today at If 500,000 pre-registrations are reached, players will receive rewards such as Blessed Monster Eggs, Angeling Shards, Zenny, and many more.

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