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    ‘Final Fantasy 7 Remake’ Play Arts Kai figures are releasing in the Philippines

    Square Enix confirms the release via a local hobby store!


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    Earlier this month, local hobby retailer Hubbyte Toy Store announced that it will release the low-poly Final Fantasy VII figures which we first saw back in Tokyo Game Show 2019. Now, Hubbyte has also announced that the Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy VII Remake figures will also release in the Philippines.

    The announcement was made last Tuesday via the official Hubbyte Toy Store official Facebook page:

    Confirmed from Square Enix official Distributor that we'll be soon offering the following products.Image Source: Toy Ark/MFC

    Posted by Hubbyte Toy Store on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

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    According to Hubbyte, the Square Enix official distributor were the ones that confirmed that the Play Arts Kai figures will release in the country. While the announcement didn’t go into detail regarding pricing and release date info, from the looks of it, the following figures will be available in the Philippines soon:

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    Tifa Lockhart

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    Aerith Gainsborough

    Barret Wallace


    Reno and Rude

    While we’re pretty sure that most of the Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy VII Remake figures will release in the Philippines, we don’t know if the Cloud Strife w/ Hardy Daytona figure (pictured above) will be available in the country as well. After all, the said figure is part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake 1st Class Edition.

    In related FF7 Remake news, the game’s physical release will likely be delayed in the Philippines due to the COVID-19 outbreak:

    Expect possible ‘FF7 Remake’ delays in the Philippines due to the Quarantine

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