Stay Fit anytime, anywhere with AF Connect from Anytime Fitness

No more excuses to get serious with your fitness.

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Alright fellow geeks (especially those who have promised they’ll do something about their health this 2022 and have not moved a muscle since then), this new app from Anytime Fitness, the 24/7 gym and fitness centers that has sprung up like wild mushrooms all over the city has a new digital platform for those who cannot be bothered to go to an an actual gym and workout. Everyone, here’s AF Connect.

This domain features personalized coaching that provides the best fitness, nutrition, and recovery guidance accessible any time, anywhere and was launched last April 1st.

AF Connect features curated workouts with global fitness brand, Les Mills, as well as blogs and entries about keeping a fit and healthy lifestyle beyond the physical aspect. Users can also expect a wide array of content, including healthy, easy-to-do recipes, exclusive perks and discounts for active members, member testimonials, and other lifestyle content such as mental health, COVID protocols, and the like.

Anytime Fitness Asia COO for Core Market Ryan Cheal shares his insight for AF Connect, “The past two years have been challenging with COVID-19, and we have witnessed that leading a healthy lifestyle is very important. Anytime Fitness has 140 gyms nationwide and we open new gyms every month. For the last seven years, we have been bringing Anytime Fitness to our communities. Now we want to make health and fitness more accessible by launching our online platforms. Our members can get the best education on nutrition, recovery, mental health, and workout at the gym, at home, at work and at the local park, with the world’s number 1 in group exercise Les Mills on demand. Not only will this platform be for free for our members, but we also want to give everyone a 7-day free trial. We want to continue to improve the health and fitness of the Filipino people.”

Aside from AF Connect, other digital platforms include the Anytime Fitness PH website, a user-friendly tool that features Find My Gym, free day passes, and online sign-ups. The AF app is also available to all active members where they can book their gym visit, customize workouts, and speak to their personal trainers, 24-7.

Basically, the AF Connect enables you to stay with your fitness goals no matter where you are as long as you have internet access and enough space. No more excuses this time!

For those wanting to try the program out, it comes with a free 7-day trial open to everyone. Claim your free trial here: