Here’s how to get the free Overwatch 2 “Mask Dancer” Moira legendary skin

The promo starts now and will end on January 26.

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Overwatch 2 gives players another way to get a free Legendary skin that’s on point for the 2023 Lunar Year celebrations, this time for the support character (or DPS, in some cases) Moira.

While yes, the cosmetic that you’ll get will be absolutely free, you need to do a bit of work in watching supported Twitch streams for a fixed number of hours. This is something they have done quite recently with the Sleighing D.Va skin and also with Ramattra, during the launch of Overwatch 2’s second season.

How to get the skin:

Just like before, you just simply need to have your Twitch account linked with your Blizzard account and watch a participating streamer during the event time for a set number of hours, more details on the tweet below:


What you can get:

  • Watch 2 hours: Unlock Moira Lion Roars Victory Pose.
  • Watch 4 hours: Unlock Moira Mask Dancer Legendary Skin.

And that’s it! The promo starts now and will end on January 26 (4:00 AM GMT+9).

Overwatch 2 is now available for free on PC and all major consoles and to those asking, yes, including the Nintendo Switch. The game features cross-progression and cross-platform play so whether at home or on the go, you can get your dailies and battle pass progression on point.