“My Money, My Bank, My Way” and up to 10% savings with Maya

That 10% p.a. interest doe...

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Maya has been making strides in revolutionizing the way we see money. From creating cashless payment systems to being one of the first online banks to offer higher-than-normal interest rates on your savings, the all-in-one money platform is now doubling down on its digital banking advantage to encourage more Filipinos to embrace new financial services such as credit and investments.

As such, Maya started the year with a bang by launching new products and revamped services such as the boosted high interest rate of up to 10% p.a. for their easy-to-apply savings account. You can get this by spending more on your Maya wallet, daily interest crediting, and customizable personal goals.

They also introduced their latest brand ambassador and Chief Advocacy Officer, multihyphenate star, Hope Elizabeth “Liza” Soberano in their latest ad campaign entitled “My Money, My Bank, My Way”. The campaign aims to bring digital banking to the mainstream and empower Filipinos to take control of their finances with innovations that make money management easier, more personalized, and rewarding.

This is also Ms. Soberano’s first time directing as revealed in her talked-about vlog launched a few days before the Maya campaign.

Maya is also the first finance app to offer customers their own @username, making sending money as easy as tagging friends in TikTok or Instagram. Customers also love its sleek black Maya card, accepted by over 80 million merchants worldwide.

Today, Maya counts over 1.5 million bank customers. It is the no. 1 digital banking app in the Philippines, with the most app downloads and monthly active users among the country’s six licensed digital banks, per intelligence firm data.ai.

It is also the highest-rated finance app on the App Store and Google Play, beating leading e-wallet and bank brands, with a 99.94% uptime rate, easy account opening, and real-time transaction history features.

“Filipinos trust banks and like the convenience of e-wallets. By providing an all-in-one digital banking app where people can save, spend, borrow, and invest seamlessly, we have simplified the whole financial services experience for consumers. Our strategy has allowed us to deliver a superior and unmatched banking and payments experience, ” said Shailesh Baidwan, Maya Group President. 

“Moreover, we’ve seen firsthand that customers who save or borrow transact 2 to 3 times more than payments-only users. Our innovations, such as daily interest crediting and gamified savings, have led to a stickier app experience, more types of transactions, and greater share of wallet,” he added.

Further propelling Maya’s push is its game-changing “My Money. My Bank. My Way” marketing campaign with Soberano. As Brand Ambassador, Soberano co-created Maya’s new marketing campaign, breaking the mold of traditional celebrity endorsements and changing the game for marketing financial services.

As Chief Advocacy Officer, Soberano will champion shared advocacies for financial inclusion with Maya and lead key initiatives, starting with a joint activity for Save The Children, the world’s leading independent organization for children, which Liza has been the ambassador of since 2021. At the same time, she will help drive the advocacy agenda within Maya from their product roadmap to company culture.

“I’m excited for everyone to level up their banking experience with me through Maya because I love using their app. On top of that, working with Maya truly feels like a level up for me – it’s a joy to collaborate with them creatively, and I’m excited for the professional challenge of becoming their Chief Advocacy Officer,” Soberano said.

“The partnership with Liza hopes to communicate that it is about time for Filipinos to make bigger and bolder financial decisions with the help of game-changing innovations. We’re spearheading the industry’s evolution as we make digital banking a breakthrough experience for all,” said Pepe Torres, Maya Chief Marketing Officer.