Meet Henya the Genius, VShojo’s newest VTuber

Henya the Genius, VShojo's newest VTuber talent, was introduced through a series of animated shorts, and she will debut soon.

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This week has tons of announcements from the VTuber company VShojo as they revealed their newest member Henya the Genius.

Henya’s reveal was teased through a series of short animated videos via VShojo’s Highlight Youtube channel, sharing her lore that forms a connection with her fellow VShojo talent Zentreya’s story.

The fourth animated short titled “The Cube” shared the info that Henya will have her debut soon on Twitch. All of Henya the Genius’ Youtube, Twitch, and Twitter accounts are now live and can be viewed while waiting for her incoming debut stream.

As of the moment, it’s not clear from what part of VShojo will she officially be in as both of her lore video has English and Japanese versions. But many are speculating that she’ll be part of VShojo NEXT or colloquially known as VShojo JP since Henya is the second original VTuber talent that was not an indie before joining VShojo. The reason for this speculation is that their first original VTuber talent Amemiya Nazuna, also debut with an original character design and was not an indie, in contrast with the recently joined talent Haruka Karibu. But viewers will only truly knows when her debut goes live very soon.

This has been quite a week for VShojo, as three of their talents Silvervale, Veibae, and Nyanners announced that they’ll be leaving the company and will go back as indie VTubers. News before the announcement of SMITE x VShojo crossover event.