Final Fantasy 16 ships 3 million copies in just one week

Final Fantasy 16 is now the fastest-selling PS5 exclusive.

The latest Final Fantasy game is a certified hit as Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy 16 has shipped 3 million copies since its release.

Thanks to this record, Final Fantasy 16 is now the fastest-selling PS5 exclusive. Though to be fair, this was expected given that there haven’t been many PS5-only titles, not to mention that PS5 supply has only stabilized fairly recently.

Still, it’s now fair to say that Square Enix has a huge hit on its hands. This is in spite of reports which mentioned lower-than-expected pre-orders for the game. Given this, many believe that the free demo for the game helped drive more interest in the game.

However, note that the 3 million copies record is shipped and digitally sold, so it strictly does not refer to sales.

For comparison, Final Fantasy 7 Remake sold over 3.5 million in just three days. Though this is to be expected given that, at the time, there were way more PS4 users globally. Meanwhile, Final Fantasy 15 (the last non-remake mainline series entry) shipped five million copies in worldwide in just 24 hours. Though again, this is not exactly a fair comparison given that the game was released on two consoles instead of being an exclusive.

While it may not have broken series sales records, Final Fantasy 16’s record is still an impressive feat, especially for a console exclusive that’s still fairly early in its life cycle.

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