Interview: Maru voice actor Gen Sato on what sets Tengoku Daimakyo apart from other anime

With the series on its last few episodes, we got a chance to ask a couple of questions to Gen Sato, the voice of Maru in Tengoku Daimakyo.

With the series on its last few episodes, we got a chance to ask a couple of questions to Gen Sato, the voice of Maru in Tengoku Daimakyo.

Gen Sato is a notable voice actor, and he is perhaps best known for voicing Chrome in Dr. Stone. Though in recent seasons, Sato has voiced several other characters from popular titles, including Ko Yamori in Call of the Night back in Summer 2022. And this season, Sato is also voicing two major characters, one of which is Ganta in Insomniacs After School.

Though Sato is also the voice of Maru in Tengoku Daimakyo, a compelling character with a mysterious backstory that viewers still only have a faint idea of.

Despite the mysteries of his past, Maru is a dynamic character, as Sato explains when asked about his thoughts on his character:

“Maru embodies adolescence. His emotions change rather comically – it is really fun to watch how his expression changes a lot. Also, he doesn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that his past is vague, and tries to live in the moment.

Because he lives in the moment, he can keep a grip on himself when he needs to fight or survive.”

While Maru may not seem all that imposing, he’s an excellent fighter, both against human bandits and the powerful man-eaters. But this is balanced by some aspects of him that are relatable, including his struggles as an adolescent, albeit one that has to grow up in a post-apocalyptic world.

Regarding his relatability, we asked Sato if there are aspects of Maru that he feels a sense of familiarity with. Sato responded that Maru’s relationship with Kiruko is something that Sato can relate too. Though Maru’s physical gifts aren’t shared by Sato.

“He loves Kiruko and so do I,” said Sato. I love the idea of spending my life with someone who is like a good friend, somebody I’d feel very safe and relaxed sleeping next to.

His physicality is very different to mine though.

I can’t fight elegantly against thugs or monsters. I don’t think I can trust my physicality like he does. He is very brave in that way and I respect him.”

Maru’s personality and intriguing backstory are strong reasons to watch the show, but Tengoku Daimakyo’s appeal can’t really be attributed to just one character.

Instead, the show is a must-watch because of how mysterious the world of it is, and the fact that it’s not a show you can pin down to just being part of one genre.

When asked about what he likes about the show the most, Sato echoed this sentiment, saying:

“[What I love about the show is] The fact that it defies genre.

You can’t really say “this is this!” It’s vague. And that’s why the mysteries just keep coming. I’m sure audiences will feel something they’ve never felt before.”

Tengoku Daimakyo is streaming every week on Disney+.

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