Just Dance Olympic Esports Week 2023 Results: France wins it all

France’s Amandine "TheFairyDina" Morisset won the first-ever Just Dance Olympic Esports Week 2023 competition.

France’s very own Amandine “TheFairyDina” Morisset came out dominating the competition with the inaugural Just Dance Olympic Esports Week 2023 in Singapore. 

The competition started in high spirits as Morisset, Italy’s Antonio “JustNino” Pomilia, Finland’s Aleksanteri “TheAllu” Landström, and USA’s Joseph “Aazzlano” Cordero advanced to the semifinals after a single elimination bracket system. Judges commended the performers for accuracy in choreography, sustained energy levels, and adding their own personalities to the performances. These will be the main factors that will determine how the competition progresses moving forward. 

Just Dance 2023 Semifinals 

At this point in the competition, the dancers have to win two out of the 3 matches in order to advance to the Finals. 

The very first match was a dance-off between TheFairyDina and Just Nino—2 of the early favorites to win it all as they wowed the crowd with their enthusiastic energy levels. The first round was given to TheFairyDina after receiving a commanding 3-0 from the jury. However, Just Nino was able to keep it alive and force a game 3 after winning 2-1 in the second round. Ultimately, TheFairyDina wins the matchup as the jury loved how she looked like she was enjoying the moment as she sings along her dance moves. 

The second semifinals match between Aazzlano and TheAllu was an intense and impressive display of cardio and physical resiliency. TheAllu starts strong with a 3-0 win from the jury. In the second round, Aazzlano comes out on top with a 2-1 win as TheAllu struggled to maintain consistent energy levels throughout Sayonara, one of the more intense songs in Just Dance 2023 Edition. In the final round, Aazzlano gained the final win which solidifies his position to compete in the Finals. 

TheAllu later revealed in an Instagram story post that in the middle of the second round, he pulled a muscle on his back which prevented him from breathing properly. He was supposed to go up against Just Nino directly after the semifinals to earn the third-place title but he had to tap out due to his injury. 

Just Dance 2023 Finals

Shortly after, the Finals were set in stone. An eager TheFairyDina was going up against a fresh out of a grueling Semifinals match Aazlano. The first song was Chiwawa, a cute but highly fast-paced rhythm that Aazlano won against home-crowd favorite Zhywee during the quarterfinals. TheFairyDina continues her intensity with a 3-0 win against a visibly tired Aazlano. However, the USA competitor was still determined to give it his all and immediately went into position for the next round. The song would be Yameen Yasar, another fast-paced rhythm that doesn’t seem to have much breathing room from start to finish. Ultimately, TheFairyDina won the audience and jury’s vote and was crowned the very first Olympic Esports Champion of Just Dance. 

In her speech, TheFairyDina dedicates her win to France, friends, family, lover, and her fans “The Dinasaurs” and said “This is for all the women that play video games, that play Just Dance. You are capable, you are worth it. This game is amazing. It changed my life in the most amazing way. I couldn’t be more proud; this is a dream.”