Uniqlo Pokemon Masters EX UT collection now available in the Philippines

Uniqlo's latest Pokemon graphic tee collection has landed in the PH!

The Japanese clothing giant Uniqlo recently released a new Pokemon Masters EX UT collection in the Philippines featuring nine graphic tees.

Over the years, Uniqlo has released lots of Pokemon-themed graphic tee collections, including one featuring designs by Daniel Arsham. For this new one though, instead of a mainline Pokemon game or an entry in the anime series, the collection highlights Pokemon Masters EX, the mobile game that was released in 2019.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Pokemon Masters EX is a game that’s available on Android and iOS, and it features 3-on-3 Pokemon battles. Players can also recruit trainers from the Pokemon games and the anime.

The new UT collection features nine designs, four of which are available in Men’s sizes. Check out all the designs here:

First is a blue t-shirt with Champion Leon and his Charizard along with Cynthia and Garchomp. Next is a white tee with a Pikachu print at the back. The third is another white tee with Red and Charizard. Finally, there’s a black t-shirt with a small Pokeball design at the front and a design featuring various legendaries along with the villain teams from the games.

Meanwhile, here are the five designs in kid’s sizes:

Two of the five designs here are similar to the Men’s size designs. Though there are three new designs, the first being a navy tee with a graphic of various Pokemon champions. Next is a white shirt with the three starter Pokemon evolutions and characters from Red and Blue. Finally, there’s tee featuring Eevee and its various evolutions.

The Uniqlo x Pokemon Masters EX collection is available in the Philippines, with each tee priced at PHP 790. More info on the collection can be found on Uniqlo’s website.