New Ragnarok Origin update introduces new Level 90 content and more

The new Ragnarok Origin update will add the new Nightmare Temple, Level 90 content, and more.

Developer Gravity recently announced that a new Ragnarok Origin update is coming that will add lots of new gameplay additions such as Level 90 content for players to enjoy.

This new update for the Ragnarok mobile game adds lots of exciting content, though the highlight is no doubt the new Level 90 content. Yes, this means Ragnarok Origin will get a new Level 90 cap. Along with this, fans can expect a range of new features and challenges.

Features of the Level 90 expansion include:

  • New equipment providing enhanced abilities and strategic advantages.
  • A captivating new storyline specifically tailored for Level 90 characters.
  • The addition of a new Helheim dungeon filled with formidable enemies and valuable rewards.
  • Extreme Challenge 4-star difficulty: Enabling players to test their skills and endurance.
  • Endless Tower 50F: Additional 10 floors unlocked for players to challenge.

Another highlight of the update is the Nightmare Temple. This features five new bosses, and it gives players the  ability to earn Level 90 Divine Armaments.

Also part of the new update is the GvG war mode from the original game. In the GvG Castle Siege, guilds can compete for control over five castles. To win, a guild must successfully defend the Crystal from attacks for 10 minutes. A guild can also win by possessing the Crystal when the 60-minute battle concludes. The winning guild will claim ownership of the Castle for one week Plus, the guild that possesses a Castle can get access to an exclusive dungeon along with other benefits.

Finally, Ragnarok Origin players will be happy to know that the Poring Chest event is making a comeback. During this event, players can get to unlock an array fo in-game rewards, including equipment and costumes such as Cloud Roaming, Salute to Detective, Rainbow Goggles, Formidable Firework, and Mascot Moo-Moo.

For more info on the game and the new update, visit the Ragnarok Origin website.