Samba de Amigo: Party Central details co-op modes, characters, and more

Here are lots of new details about Samba De Amigo: Party Central, SEGA's upcoming rhythm game.

After sharing new details just last week, SEGA shared lots of new info about Samba de Amigo: Party Central, including details on its co-op modes, characters, stages, and more.

Along with this new info, SEGA shared a new video for the game which you can watch here:

In case you missed its reveal, Party Central is an upcoming motion-based rhythm game by SEGA. While it may seem like an all-new game, it’s actually a sequel to the fairly niche Dreamcast title Samba de Amigo which was released back in 1999.

Party Central promises to deliver a similar rhythm game experience to its predecessor, all while brining lots of new features, with the highlight being the motion-based controls via the Switch Joy-Cons. In the game, players must shake the Joy-Cons as maracas in different angles to match the beat.

Co-op Modes

While the game can be enjoyed solo, Party Central brings a wide range of co-op modes for multiple players to enjoy.

Here’s a rundown of the co-op game modes:

  • Love Checker – This mode lets two players measure their compatibility. Every time the two players’ Joy-Con shakes match up, the heart icons on the screen will get closer and closer. The number of hearts earned will determine your compatibility..
  • Showdown – For those who want a more competitive option, there’s the showdown where two players can compete two win over the crowd.
  • Rhythm Game – The game’s regular mode also features a co-op option, with one player getting the MVP Mark on the results screen at the end of the match.
  • Petite Rhythm Game – For a more lighthearted time, there are also various mini-games that are playable in co-op. including:
    • Knock it out of the park! 
    • Exercise!
    • Left and Right!


Aside from the co-op modes, SEGA also shared three new stages:

  • Water Party – A seaside villa owned by a certain successful entrepreneur.
  • Night City – A buzzing metropolis filled with skyscrapers that’s known  as “the city that never sleeps”.
  • Pink Square –  Located in the heart of the city, this is the hot spot for youngsters who love rhythm and cute things.

Character Profiles

Finally, SEGA shared more character profiles, including:


“A member of a dance unit that was once a hit sensation. Rumors say that the person inside has a really foul mouth, and the costume helps cover that up. While he loves teasing Amiga, it’s only because he’s a big fan of hers.”


A member of a dance unit that was once a hit sensation. She formed the unit with Bingo upon his invitation. After experiencing some artistic inspiration, she created a new costume to achieve a resurgence. Her popularity seems to be growing again. She really likes Bongo.


A street dancer born and raised in the city. Max is a trendy young man who loves stylish beats and dancing. He used to think maracas were lame, but after meeting Amigo, he realized just how foolish this perspective was.

Samba de Amigo: Party Central will be released on the Nintendo Switch on August 30, 2023. The game will also be released in VR on the Meta Quest 2/Meta Quest Pro in Fall 2023.