Two Point Campus: Medical School DLC launches on August 17

This new DLC for Two Point Campus promises to add new levels and mechanics that harken back to Two Point Hospital.

Two Point Studios recently unveiled the new Two Point Campus: Medical School DLC which will be released on August 17, 2023.

As the name implies, this new DLC will feature an addition of a Medical School, meaning it will include new levels and gameplay mechanics that are straight out of the original Two Point Hospital.

Check out the DLC’s announcement here:

This new DLC’s premise is describe as:

“Players will start their educational journeys at the idyllic Lake Tumble, where they’ll meet Two Point County’s roaming remedy master Vitality Johnson. Before long, you’ll be shipped off to Molten Rock, where an ancient volcano is turning up the heat on sickly visitors and medical staff – and that’s before you even start to deal with Dr. Briney Seadog and her band of pirates. Finally, you’ll come face to face once again with Bartholomew F. Yeti at Pointy Peak, where the only things more chilling than the weather are our thermometers.”

As for the new features, the DLC will have doctors and nurses a new student types, along with six new room types. here will also be 60 new items, as well as various challenges for students and their medical mentors.

Two Point Campus: Medical School pre-orders are now available on the official website. The DLC will be released on August 17 on all platforms.

To celebrate the reveal as well as the game’s first anniversary, Two Point Studios is offering discounts on Two Point Campus on PC, PlayStaiton, and Xbox. The discounts and availability dates are as follows:

  • Steam – 50% off until August 11
  • PS4/PS5 – 33% off until August 16
  • Xbox Series X|S – 33% off until August 16

The Medical School DLC will also be available with a 10% early adopter discount on Switch and PS4 from August 17 to 24. Meanwhile, the Steam and Xbox Series X|S versions will be available with 10% off from August 3 to 24.

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