Wilds of Eldraine Preview Card | Picnic Ruiner

Pack your lunch as we are going on a picnic with Magic: The Gathering's latest set - Wilds of Eldraine! Take a look a Picnic Ruiner!

Pack your lunch as we are going on a picnic with Magic: The Gathering’s latest set – Wilds of Eldraine!

We return to a familiar plane first experienced back in 2019. Eldraine is a “fairytales” inspired set with an MTG twist. Not only will we see some familiar storybook tropes in this expansion, it is also worth noting that this is the first full set where we will see a slice of the Magic’s multiverse story after the Phyrexian invasion.

And with that, here’s a quick look at a Wilds of Eldraine preview card shared to us by our friends from Wizards of the Coast. Take a look at Picnic Ruiner.


Picnic Ruiner is 2/2 Goblin Rogue that can be cast in two ways – either from the “Adventure” side (bottom left) or its creature side (bottom right).

Adventure is a returning mechanic first seen in Throne of Eldraine. The ability provides another way of resolving a spell where in this case, when paid for the 3 colorless and 1 green mana you can cast this card as a “Stolen Goodies” sorcery, distributing +1/+1 counters on any number of creatures you control. After the goblin spreads the love on the battlefield, the card goes “on an adventure” and is removed out of the game.

The hijinks doesn’t stop there though as Adventure cards on “exile” can have an encore again this time for its creature side! For Picnic Ruiner, while out of the game you can pay the 1R to cast it on the battlefield – keeping in mind the speed and phase on when you can legally cast the spell of course. As a creature, this nasty goblin has a trick up his sleeve as it gains “double strike” when you control a creature with 4 power or greater. Perfect for keeping those meaty defenders in check should they decide to block.

Here are the important dates to watch out for Wilds of Eldraine.

  • First Look: July 28
  • Debut and Previews Begin: August 15
  • Digital Launch on MTG Arena: September 5
  • Prerelease Events: September 1–7
  • Global Tabletop Launch: September 8

Are you excited for Wilds of Eldraine? The set officially releases on paper September 8. You can use Wizards of the Coast’s  store locator to find an LGS near you and try the set out!


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