5 reasons why Jumpstart 2022 is one of the best-designed formats for Magic: The Gathering

It is also Magic's best product for 2022.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – Magic: The Gathering’s JUMPSTART product is the best casual entry format that Wizards of the Coast has designed in recent years. Now, with their latest product, Jumpstart 2022, they pushed the variety a bit further with 46 new deck variants with the same core deck-building mechanics and gameplay we all know and love.

With that said I’m Brian from UnGeek, btw and these are 5 reasons why Magic: The Gathering’s Jumpstart is the one of the best-designed formats in recent memory, as well as why this is the perfect gateway game for both new and even seasoned players.


  1. Ease of deckbuilding

Jumpstarts deckbuilding mechanics are heavily borrowed from the board game called Smash-Up! Where you combine 2 themed packs to form 1 unique deck. It effectively removes the more time-consuming aspects of Magic’s deckbuilding and with that idea alone, it makes it easier for beginners to just shuffle up and play! (I stole a line from Tolarian Community College there).

  1. Replayability

As of this moment, including the first core set and last 2 expansions, Jumpstart now has 107 different themes! That’s a lot of varieties to mix and match and now with Jumpstart 2022 we have some new heavy hitting themes in the mix like Urza and Eldrazi that elevates the replay value.

  1. Easily customizable with other formats

Along with the ease of deck-building, Jumpstart can also go well with other existing formats like two-headed giant, 4-player free for all and my favorite – PLANECHASE which feels like a multiverse battle utilizing Magic: The Gathering’s rich history. This is the closest thing so far to a true MTG boardgame experience.

  1. It can prove as an effective tool for players to gain deck-building knowledge.

Magic has been around for 30 years which means a lot of rules and mechanics have been added on top of the game’s core mana system. Jumpstart naturally has these variety of mechanics embedded on the theme decks which can help the player dive into a more personal deck-building experience should they go into other formats like modern and commander.


  1. This is simply just Magic: The Gathering

The game’s core rules and presentation did not deviate at all. This is, without a doubt a pure Magic: The Gathering experience and one that I can take with me and introduce to friends at work or at home, in a kitchen table – where all my best memories from the game took place!


In conclusion, Jumpstart 2022 for me is Magic’s best product to come out this year and I hope they do more of these as it really is one of the best ways to play the game!

Magic: The Gathering’s Jumpstart 2022 is available now online and in your friendly local game stores.

Store locator here.


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