Magic: The Gathering makes you an offer you can’t refuse with Streets of New Capenna

Check out the mocktail recipes!

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Magic: The Gathering’s latest expansion – Streets of New Capenna is in full swing and with it brings all the glitz and glamour (not to mention gangsters and gore) that is heavily inspired by mafia, noir and crime lords mixed with that trademark MTG fantasy flair.


Much in tune with the game’s previous expansion – Shards of Alara, Streets of New Capenna this time around focuses on crime families and factions that mainly share a 3-color spectrum from the game’s iconic mana system, creating some unique and intricate mechanics that are specific to those families.


Check out their official cinematic above to get a feel of what to expect for the latest set.



Much like the last set – Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, our awesome friends from Wizards of the Coast sent us another shiny media drop that we absolutely cannot refuse!

Let’s check what’s inside, shall we?

To start of, we are treated with some cards that feature different mocktail recipes that are tied to the five houses! You can check out how to make them in the images below:


And what better way to toast for the new expansion than filling those tempting liquids in this fancy cocktail glass!


Sticking true to the mafia theme, Wizards of the Coast also sent us this shiny piece of Capo Ring to make sure they know who’s the true crime lord in these part of the streets!


Streets of New Capenna is Magic: The Gathering’s 92nd expansion and is now available at your friendly local game stores. 



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