Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Director reveals combat gameplay changes

New combat changes are coming to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth!

As the world eagerly awaits the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, fans are buzzing with excitement about what’s in store. To provide some insight into the game’s mechanics and changes from its predecessor, we sat down for an interview with Game Director Naoki Hamaguchi alongside other members of the SEA gaming press as he revealed some details about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth combat. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s combat was one of the most critically acclaimed gameplay aspects of the game as it struck a near-perfect balance between real-time action and command-based inputs. It was intuitive and visually stunning in motion.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth combat changes

One of the most significant alterations players can expect in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth revolves around the introduction of the Synergy system. According to Hamaguchi, this new system is at the forefront of the experience, adding depth and dynamism to the gameplay.

Synergy Skills: At the core of the Synergy system are Synergy skills, a major addition to the game’s mechanics. Unlike traditional abilities, these skills can be executed quickly without the need for an ATB/Gauge charge. However, there’s more to it than just button mashing. Synergy skills often require precise timing and intentional input, such as charge attacks. Players must position themselves strategically and time their actions correctly to unleash the full potential of these skills.

Synergy Abilities: In contrast to the action-oriented nature of Synergy skills, Synergy abilities take on a more command-based style. This introduces a strategic element to the gameplay. Players will manage a synergy gauge, consuming it strategically to execute Synergy abilities. It’s a fine balance between unleashing powerful attacks and managing your resources wisely.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth combat

Hamaguchi revealed that the development team initially aimed to preserve the essence of the battle system that fans loved in the Remake. However, with the introduction of the Synergy system, they’ve managed to create an even more engaging fusion of traditional menu-based command gameplay and action-oriented combat.

With Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, it’s clear that the development team is striving to strike a delicate balance between preserving the beloved elements of the original while also introducing modern gameplay systems.