Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s RGG Summit Fall 2023 is happening today

This new RGG Summit promises new info on the upcoming Like a Dragon titles!

Heads up to all Like a Dragon fans — the RGG Summit Fall 2023 livestream is happening today, and it promises big updates on the upcoming Like a Dragon titles.

This is the second RGG Summit in the past few months as there was also the Summer 2023 stream that featured new details about Like a Dragon Gaiden.

Even though it has only been a couple of months since the previous stream, RGG Studio is gearing up for another showcase. This makes sense considering that Tokyo Game Show will begin tomorrow, so there’s likely going to be big news for the franchise there.

As with the previous events, the RGG Summit Fall 2023 stream will feature live English interpretation, and you can watch it live today at 11 AM PH time here:

There’s no exact details on what will be announced, but it’s a safe bet that the stream will focus on Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name. After all, this highly-anticipated spinoff starring Kiryu will be released on PC and consoles in just less than two months — November 8 to be specific.

Aside from this, we’re also hoping to see more of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, the latest mainline entry into the series. While the previous Summit had info about it, we’re hoping for even more details, including a confirmation of its setting.