Like a Dragon Gaiden main cast and locations revealed at RGG Summit Summer 2023

Like a Dragon Gaiden will surprisingly not take place in Kamurocho.

During the recent RGG Summit Summer 2023 livestream, the main cast and two locations of Like a Dragon Gaiden were revealed.

Even before RGG Studio’s dedicated event, fans were treated to trailers for Like a Dragon Gaiden and Like a Dragon: Infinite Money at Summer Game Fest and the Xbox Games Showcase, respectively. Because of this, some fans wondered what else could be revealed.

It turns out that there’s still a lot as RGG Studio announced the star-studded main cast of Gaiden during the livestream. While it features the return of Takuya Kuroda as Kazuma Kiryu, he is joined by other well-known stars.

Here’s a rundown of the main cast along with info on their respective characters:

Kazuma Kiryu (Takuya Kuroda)

A legendary yakuza who has shed his past and name for a life in the shadows.

Kosei Shishido (Yasukaze Motomiya)

The Watase Family’s ace in the hole.A lieutenant of the Watase Family, an Omi Alliance subsidiary.

Yuki Tsuruno (Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi)

A yakuza sworn to the Watase Family. A captain of the Watase Family, an Omi Alliance subsidiary.

Akame (First Summer Uika)

A shadowy figure who knows the ins and outs of Sotenbori. Sotenbori’s Jack-Of-All-Trades.

Homare Nishitani III (Kim Jaeuck)

Third patriarch of the Kijin Clan, a direct subsidiary of the Omi Alliance. Patriarch of the Kijin Clan, an Omi Alliance subsidiary

Kihei Hanawa (Hiroki Tochi)

A veteran handler that relies more on smooth-talking than brawn. Leader of the Daidoji Faction.

Along with the cast, it was also announced that Like a Dragon Gaiden will be set in Sotenbori, Osaka and Isezaki Ijincho, Yokohama. This makes it the first entry in the series that will not be set in Kamurocho. Though these two locations aren’t new as SotenboriĀ  has appeared several times in the series already while Isezaki Ijincho is where Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Lost Judgment primarily take place.

Though Gaiden is confirmed to take place mainly in Sotenbori, which is why there are several Omi Alliance members from the main cast.

Finally, RGG Summit Fall 2023 was announced, and it will happen in September. We expect to see more of Gaiden, and maybe even a gameplay showcase of Like a Dragon: Infinite Money.

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name will be released on November 9, 2023. The game will be released on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.