Delicious in Dungeon’s creator is a massive Baldur’s Gate fan

Baldur's Gate 3 fans should definitely give this new Netflix anime a shot!

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Recently, it has come to the attention of anime fans that Delicious in Dungeon creator Ryoko Kui is a huge Baldur’s Gate fan.

The new anime Delicious in Dungeon by studio Trigger (of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and Kill la Kill fame) is considered to be one of the highlights of the Winter 2024 season. This is thanks to its comedic take on the D&D-style fantasy formula. After all, subsisting on various dungeon monsters leads to lots of funny moments, at least, based on the first two episodes.

Because of its fantasy trappings, the anime has gotten comparisons to the likes of Baldur’s Gate (which has enjoyed continued popularity since BG3’s release). Some might think that this is a rather lazy comparison, but it surprisingly works, thanks in large part to the Delicious in Dungeon creator’s love for the series.

The anime is based on a manga by Ryoko Kui, a manga artist who drew 25 character portraits from Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2. What proves Kui’s long-time love for Baldur’s Gate is that the portraits were shared online by fans way back in 2019 — that’s years before Baldur’s Gate 3’s release.

With the Delicious in Dungeon manga already having ended some months ago, chances are that Kui is currently at home enjoying Baldur’s Gate 3. After all, that game is an incredibly long and fun ride, with tons of replay value to boot.

As for BG3 fans who want something to watch, the Delicious in Dungeon creator being a huge Baldur’s Gate fan should convince them to give this series a try.


Delicious in Dungeon is streaming now on Netflix, with new episodes coming out every week. In case you need more convincing though, we make a case for why it’s a must-watch here:

Delicious in Dungeon is a new must-watch anime of the season, and it’s now streaming on Netflix