Magic: The Gathering – Fallout preview card | Marcus, Mutant Mayor

The mayor is back in town!

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Magic: The Gathering’s latest “Universes Beyond” line continues with Fallout and with that, we are delighted to showcase a preview card for the upcoming set – Marcus, Mutant Mayor.

Marcus first appeared in Fallout 2 as the elderly super mutant sheriff of Broken Hills and now, mayor of Jacobstown. In Magic: The Gathering, our boy is now featured in cardboard form as Marcus, Mutant Mayor – which you can check out below:




Marcus, Mutant Mayor is a five to cast 4/4 Mutant Advisor sporting the colors of Simic. He has the keywords Vigilance and Trample that ties in very thematically to this super mutant.

His last ability is not something to ignore on the battlefield – if unchecked during combat this can effectively give the player card advantage and, at the very least buff up your creatures!




Magic: The Gathering’s – Fallout set is expected to release at your local game stores and online this March 8, 2024. They will come in commander pre-constructed decks (4 in total) and in special Collector Booster packs, for the more demanding cardboard connoisseur who likes to bling out decks or complete a collection. For Fallout fans, you know you want it.

It it also worth noting that similar to the previous Dr. Who set, just by getting these commander precons you are effectively getting most or if not, all of the cards featured in this specific set. For fans of the video game, not only will this be another great new addition to your collection but it can also be a good jumping-off point to try out Magic: The Gathering as all the decks come ready to play right out of the box!

Each box has a complete Commander deck that is ready to play:

  • 2 Traditional foil new-to-Magic legendary creature cards, either of which can serve as the deck’s commander
  • 98 Non-foil cards, with each deck featuring new-to-Magic cards:
  • 1 Foil-etched display commander (a thick cardstock copy of the face commander card with foil etched into the card’s border and art; not legal in sanctioned Commander play)
  • 10 Double-sided tokens
  • 1 Collector Booster Sample Pack with 2 special treatment cards, including 1 rare or mythic rare card
  • 1 Deck box that can hold 100 sleeved cards
  • 1 Life wheel
  • 1 Strategy insert
  • 1 Reference card

Source: Magic: The Gathering official website.

Relevant dates below:

Release: March 8, 2024
Commander Launch Party: March 8 – 10, 2024

You can use Wizards of the Coast’s  store locator to find an LGS near you!



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