Mario & Luigi: Brothership announced, coming to the Switch this November

The Mario & Luigi RPG series is finally back with Brothership!

The latest Nintendo Direct started off strong as Mario & Luigi: Brothership was announced with a new trailer, confirming its November 2024 release on the Switch.

Yes, this new game is a surprise new entry in the Mario & Luigi RPG series that began with Superstar Saga back in 2003. This series’ last entry was Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey for the 3DS, a remake of the original Inside Story for the DS. If you don’t count remakes, the last proper series entry is Paper Jam which was released for the 3DS nearly a decade ago.

Given how long it has been since the last game, coupled with the fact that developer AlphaDream closed back in 2020, many fans were unsure if the series would ever get a new game, so it was a pleasant surprise that Brothership was announced.

Check out the game’s announcement trailer here:

As expected with a new Mario & Luigi entry, this new game will feature the iconic brothers on a new adventure, this time they’re going on a “seafaring adventure.” Based on the trailer, this new game will also feature a wide array of new twists to the series’ signature formula.

Mario & Luigi: Brothership is coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 7, 2024.