Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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‘Ghost in the Shell’ is Showing in Cinemas Starting Today!

Check-out also the final trailer released last March 28 (yesterday).

Stealth suits and Ninja robots?! Watch the first 5 minutes of...

Check Out The Thrilling Opening of 'Ghost in the Shell'

‘The Major’ is unmasked in the Latest Ghost in the Shell...

The Ghost in the Shell Super Bowl spot shows a side of Scarlett Johansson that we haven't seen before!

Don’t forget Ladies and Chimichangas: DEADPOOL HAS TWO POST CREDITS SCENES

With Deadpool opening in theaters this week, do be reminded to STAY UNTIL THE VERY END to catch not one... but TWO POST-CREDITS SCENES FOR THE MERC WITH A MOUTH'S FILM!

Turkish Airline Invites you to Fly to Gotham or Metropolis in...

While Deadpool looms over this week, the guys at DC are spinning those Batman V Superman machinery to high gears with the release of...

WATCH: Clash of Clans’ Super Bowl ad gets “Taken” by Liam...

In what will probably be remembered as one of the most unexpected and awesome Super Bowl commercials this year, Taken Movies star Liam Neeson appears in an ad to promote the MMO game "Clash Of Clans". If there's anything to learn from it, don't make him angry, or "You will regret the day you crossed AngryNeeson52".

WATCH: “He’s Back” – See the new Super Bowl spot and...

Reset the future and prepare for a new chapter in the Terminator sage, as Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions release a brand new poster and Super Bowl Spot for Arnold Schwarzenegger's return as the T-800 in "Terminator Genisys"!
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