History is about to get Real in History Con 2016 Manila

Get ready.

To be part of HISTORY.

The History Channel Asia is coming to Manila in the Philippines 1st History Convention this year on August 18-21 2016 (Update: Aug 25-28). Check out their promotional video.



History Channel has some of the best and informative original shows on Cable TV  like Vikings, Ancient Aliens, The Kings of Restoration, Zombies: A Living History, The Nazi Gospel and much much more! Expect stars from the History Channel to drop by the event.


From historyasia.com

Join your favorite HISTORY stars at the first-of-its-kind 4 day event with exhibits, interactive experiences, on-ground activities and talent appearances.




I for one am looking forward to meeting the Indiana Jones of Xenoarchaeology Giorgio Tsoukalos and who knows maybe Travis Fimmel or Katheryn Winnick (both form Vikings TV) might sail their way here as well.

Checkout the History Channel Convention 2016 Manila site. So get your geek on and, for more updates, stay tuned on UnGeek.ph. Let’s all be part of history!

Author: Francis N

The N stands for Nobody. Nobody, nobody but you *clap, clap* I want nobody, nobody but you *clap, clap*. Admit it, you sang that! :p

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  1. Wow…! It’s awesome to be part of this…

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  2. Cant wait to attend! *Excited!

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  3. Is this event open to the public? How much (if there is) is the entrance fee?

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  4. I want to be fart of it… tnx history…..goodlock and more power

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  5. Me & my wife really want to be part of this wonderful event. How can we get 2 tickets? tnx & Jesus bless us 🙂

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    • I believe you can get tickets in the venue itself, which is at the World Trade Center 🙂 God bless you and your wife as well 🙂

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  6. can we buy tickets on venue (in before the official date of start of the History con?

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  7. is jarod (from storage wars) selling his clothing line shirts?(outlaw)

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  8. Yeah it was really great..I’ve been there yesterday😉..and Im a student from AMA Computer College..it was fun..

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    • Where did you buy your ticket?

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  9. Who is the event organizer? 🙂

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