HORI Full HD Liquid Crystal Monitor for PS4 now on sale at DataBlitz

Own a Playstation 4 and need a portable screen for gaming on the go? Then your prayers are answered, as DataBlitz is now has the HORI Full HD Liquid Crystal Monitor for sale!



Own a Sony Playstation 4 but can’t take your High-Definition Flatscreen Television with you when you want to bring your gaming on-the-go? Fret not then, for local gaming retail shop Datablitz has the solution to your portable gaming needs that’s now available in their shops now.



Released by third-party gaming accessories company HORI, this “Full HD Liquid Crystal Monitor” for the Playstation 4 is the perfect option for gamers who need a small yet portable crisp and clear display that functions much like any HDTV. Much like a laptop screen, it can be folded and stored seamlessly when not in use, making it a practical piece of optional hardware that’s worth the investment and time when you want to make your PS4 a handy device to take around for your gaming needs.




Players do have to bear in mind that despite the portability the Liquid Crystal Monitor provides, both it and the PS4 still need power outlets to be used. However that’s a small price to pay for the convenience of carrying both devices, and to use the system wherever you please, making it literally a complete and portable “next-generation gaming system” package for both casual and dedicated video game players and enthusiasts.

The specs for the unit are as follows:

Size: 11.6 Inch
Display Area: 256.32mm ×144.18mm
Maximum Display Resolution: 1920×3 (RGB) ×1080
Pixel Pitch: 0.1335mm × 0.1335mm
HDMI Input x 2

 The HORI Full HD Liquid Crystal Monitor is now available for the SRP of P11,995 at DataBlitz! Visit the official Facebook page of the company for more info and details on how to get one at a branch near you!