Aloy is bae…loy! Check out our sweet Horizon Zero Dawn Collectors Edition unboxing!

It's February 28 and Horizon Zero Dawn is upon us, but before playing our hearts out, we unbox this sweet looking collectors edition package!

You’ve seen the trailers, you’ve read the reviews (hopefully you’ve read OUR REVIEW!), and you’ve purchased the game on day 1 because if you didn’t and you haven’t done any of these things yet, then you’re missing out on a masterpiece of a Sony Playstation 4 exclusive as well as a heavy contender for game of the year! From the studio that brought you the Killzone series, Guerrilla Games, comes this epic tale of technology and pre-history, a journey that will take our brave huntress Aloy through mountains and plains in search for answers to her questions.

You didn’t come here for a game intro though, you already know about that! Without further ado, check out our unboxing of the Horizon Zero Dawn collectors edition!

*warning – this post is image heavy*

First off, you can see this BEAUTIFUL black box with gold trim, emblazoned with the game title and a sketch of Aloy in the front. This box isn’t quite the holographic wonder that the Final Fantasy XV ultimate collectors edition┬ábut this is pretty close. The box is made of a very sturdy material and is one that doesn’t crease or crumple that much.

Upon opening the box, the first items that greet you are the Horizon Zero Dawn mini artbook and the steel case containing the game. The art book may not be a full fledged book, but is a welcome addition to the package, allowing you to appreciate all the great design concepts and direction that this game took. The steel case is absolutely gorgeous, one of the better steel cases out there in my personal opinion, something you have to see to really appreciate.

Removing the top lid shows us another box! Box-ception! This time around, a smaller box with artwork of the game printed on all four sides of the package. If only you could spread the box wide open, it would make for a really good wall decoration!

Opening this box brings us now to the centerpiece of the whole set, the Aloy figurine. This figure stands around maybe a good 6 inches tall and is masterfully detailed. Although there are no moving parts and you cannot pose this figure, it looks great as is. You can see Aloy standing over a watcher as she conquers her first kill out of many. A good thing to note here is that her bow is actually a “moving” part, or something that is flexible enough to fiddle with a bit (but we don’t recommend doing that as it might break). Even the bow string is made of real string, which is a good touch, especially since part of the whole toy comes with toy arrows that you can place on the bow as well.

Hey you know what? If you pre-ordered fast enough, you’ll even get a poster and a card pouch for free? That sweetens the deal more than it already is! The Horizon Zero Dawn collectors edition is definitely one of the better and more affordable collectors packages out there and it is worth every peso spent, especially since the game is wonderful on its own. Have you picked up a copy of Horizon Zero Dawn yet? If not, head on over to your nearest Datablitz store and embark on a magnificent journey that will leave you breathless!