You are an Integral Factor in the new Sword Art Online Mobile Game

It's time to make your mark in the world of Aincrad!

In the upcoming mobile game Sword Art Online: Integral Factor, you play as one of the many players imprisoned in world of Aincrad, a VR world in the game “Sword Art Online,” developed by Kayaba Akihiko. Based on the original storyline of the anime, in order to free yourself from this death game, all 100 levels must be cleared.


An interesting take to the game is that rather than taking the role of one of the story’s main protagonists, this time you’ll be creating an original character adventuring in the Sword Art Online game. The notable characters of the plot will still be present but as NPCs. Check out the announce trailer below:


No news yet of a release date but Bandai Namco has opened pre-registration in Japan where a select number of players will be chosen to enter the Closed Beta phase. I really really hope this does not get the Japan-only region lock upon release.