ASUS announces pricing and availability of new ZenBook Duo, ZenBook UX, and StudioBook lines

The ZenBook Duo is actually a pretty good deal!

2019 marks ASUS’ 30th anniversary, and the tech giant is celebrating this milestone with exciting new laptop releases. First revealed at Computex a few months back, ASUS has finally launched its latest lineup of laptops in the Philippines, all of which are geared for content creators and creative professionals.

The new line of laptops confirmed to arrive in the PH include the ZenBook Duo series, the ZenBook UX series, and the ProArt StudioBook line. ASUS also announced that the ZenBook 30th Edition is coming to the PH in limited quantities.

ZenBook Pro Duo/ZenBook Duo

Up first is the ZenBook Pro Duo, an impressive laptop with two displays (which we first saw at Computex). The ZenBook Pro Duo is available now in the Philippines in two variants — a Core i9 model (PHP 199,995) and a Core i7 model (PHP 169,995).

The smaller ZenBook Duo meanwhile, will be available in the Philippines in mid-October 2019. This laptop will also be available in two variants — an i7 (PHP 84,995) and an i5 (PHP 74,995) variant.

Read more about the ZenBook Duo line in our first impressions here:

ASUS ZenBook Duo, Pro Duo First Impressions | 2 Screens are Better than 1


ZenBook Edition 30

As a limited edition release, only 30 units of the ZenBook Edition 30 will be available in the Philippines in mid-October 2019. Priced at PHP 99,995, the laptop will come with ASUS 30th edition accessories.

ASUS celebrates its 30th Anniversary with the gorgeous ‘Edition 30’ devices


ZenBook 13/14/15

Next up, we have the ZenBook UX series which comes in multiple variants. The ZenBook 13 and 14 are available now in the PH, with SRP starting at PHP 59,995. As for the ZenBook 15, the laptop will be priced at PHP 89,995, and will be available by the end of October 2019.


ProArt StudioBook

Finally, we have the ASUS ProArt StudioBook lineup which consists of three models — the StudioBook 17 (PHP 134,995), Studiobook Pro 17 (PHP 174,995), and the StudioBook Pro X (PHP 299,995). All three laptops are designed for creative professionals in mind; the StudioBook 17 packs an RTX 2060 processor, while the Pro 17 and Pro X have a Quadro RTX 3000 and 5000 respectively.