DC Universe Online developer is making a new Marvel MMO

    Great news, Marvel fans!


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    According to the latest financial report from EG7, a Marvel MMO is in the works from DC Universe Online developer, Dimensional Ink Games (a studio owned by EG7).

    Specifically, this bit in the report was spotted by Miller who posted a slide in the report on Twitter. At the bottom of the slide, it read that a “New MMO utilizing Marvel IP” is in the long-term pipeline of games.

    Development of this upcoming Marvel MMO is reportedly led by Jack Emmert, the current lead of DC Universe Online. Emmert also co-founded Cryptic Studios, and helmed City of Heroes.

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    Given the success of DCUO, it’s no surprise that the studio behind it is also making an upcoming Marvel MMO. Given that DC Universe Online features a massive pool of heroes, we expect this Marvel project to also include a lineup that includes characters from all corners of the Marvel multiverse. Another thing that we expect is that it’s going to take quite a while before we see the game’s release. After all, the game is listed in the long-term pipeline of EG7.

    While there has already been a Marvel MMO released back in 2013, that game wasn’t exactly well received. Given this, here’s hoping that this upcoming game does get confirmed and turns out to be good.

    Source: Eurogamer

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