Samsung reveals the Galaxy Z Fold 4 Genshin Impact Edition

Samsung just launched new Genshin Impact Galaxy Z Fold 4 special edition, but it's only available in South Korea for now.

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Samsung has had its fair share of tie-ins and cool gimmicks as of late, but lo and behold, they just launched new Genshin Impact Galaxy Z Fold 4 special edition exclusively for South Korea. The Genshin Impact Edition comes with a unique aesthetic, and features one of the game’s best girls who has the best lore.

It’s the Galaxy Z Fold 4 “Ganyu” edition–as we’d call it.

Genshin Impact is no stranger to collaborations, and some have led to some mild inconveniences, to straight up degeneracy. Nonetheless, the crossovers are always well-received, and garner much buzz. Ganyu is one of the game’s most in-demand units–being not only one of the most powerful characters in-game, to one of the first to get a banner rerun.

This time around, she graces the rear panel of the Galaxy Z Fold 4, reminding everyone of her cryo charisma. Samsung announced this new collaboration at the Global Game Exhibition G-STAR 2022, which was hosted in South Korea.

This won’t be the only Genshin Impact-themed product as we also get a new Galaxy Buds2 Pro Genshin Impact Edition package which includes some special stickers and a transparent soft protective case.

In terms of pricing, we’ve yet to find out how much the Galaxy Z Fold 4 Genshin Impact special edition will cost. Since the vanilla Z Fold 4 costs PHP 69,990 for the 512GB variant, we can expect this version to cost a bit more.

Then again, if you’re a gigachad Ganyu enjoyer who has her at constellation-6 with her signature weapon at refinement 5, that kind of price would be more than manageable.

Images via: @gen_sanjyu