An Among Us animated series is currently in production

Totally not a sus announcement.

The popular multi-player deduction game that took 2020 by storm, Among Us, is receiving a new animated series that will be produced by CBS Studios in partnership with Innersloth. An official Tweet and an announcement on their official website confirmed the news.

Innersloth, the indie game studio behind the game, will lend big names from their own team and will work closely with CBS’ animation division “CBS Eye Animation Productions” in developing the series.

Infinity Train creator Owen Dennis will serve as the executive producer on the animated project and will act as its series’ creator. Dennis will work alongside Titmouse’s Shannon Prynoski, Chris Prynoski, Ben Kalina, and Antonio Cannobio as its other executive producers. Representing Innersloth on the executive production team are Forest Willard, Marcus Bromander, and Carl Neisser.

Meanwhile, animation studio Titmouse will also be responsible for animating the new Among Us series. The animation studio is notable for its works such as Netflix’s Big Mouth and Star Trek: Lower Decks.

At the time of writing, only a few details have been shared, and there’s still no word about which streaming platform or what network the animated series will air or stream. There is also no word yet on the premise of the animated adaptation. But based on the source, the series will heavily follow the settings of the game where one of the Crew Members of a spaceship has been replaced by a shapeshifting alien that intentionally causes paranoia to sabotage the ship and kill everyone.

Among Us, the game is a cross-platform mobile game that was first released in 2018 that later on got a Windows PC version. It’s inspired by the party game called Mafia (famously known as the Werewolf game) and takes heavy inspiration from the famous sci-fi horror film The Thing for its premise.

It gained massive attention during the 2020 pandemic, making it the number one game on both Google Play and Apple App Store. Also during its peak, it became the most streamed game on YouTube and Twitch, generating lots of memes, even leading an absurd online auction of a Chicken McNugget that’s shaped like a crewmate. Eventually, Among Us received many collaborations with other popular brands and a one-shot manga in February 2022.

Source: Variety Image via Innersloth