Here’s how to get the free 4-star light cone for Silver Wolf

Honkai: Star Rail version 1.1 ‘Galactic Roaming’ update releases June 7 with Silver Wolf leading the banner alongside a free light cone!

Honkai: Star Rail version 1.1 ‘Galactic Roaming’ update releases June 7 with Silver Wolf leading the banner alongside a free 4-star light cone that you should definitely get!

For a game that’s released just last April, it looks like the developers seem to be going all-out for Honkai Star Rail’s latest update, giving players cool new events and associated rewards!


First of, let’s talk about the first banner that will appear in version 1.1 If you are still not yet sold on Silver Wolf’s kit, here’s a brief description of the character, courtesy of Mihoyo.

Silver Wolf, a super genius hacker within the Stellaron Hunters, breaks through all defense systems as easily as pie. She is a Quantum-Type character following the Path of Nihility and can apply different debuffs to enemies to improve her allies’ combat superiority. Outside of combat, her Technique comes in handy as she is able to deal damage and reduce the enemy’s Toughness regardless of their Weakness. When she unleashes her Ultimate, Silver Wolf will bash enemies, gaining the upper hand for the team by dealing damage to the enemies as well as reducing their defense.

Before the Turorial Mission Starts light cone

Before the Tutorial Mission Starts is a F2P Light Cone introduced in Version 1.1 of Honkai: Star Rail. This weapon is available from the Limited-Time Event Starhunt Game, which can be acquired for the first half the game’s update, and can easily be superimposed to bring the card to its full potential.


This skill increases the wearer’s Effect Hit Rate while also regenerating Energy for your ultimates each time the wearer attacks an enemy who has reduced DEF. Considering that Silver Wolf’s Ultimate and her kit itself which has “Bugs” that she can deploy that lowers and enemies DEF, effectively allowing her to top up her ult at a more consistent clip.

During 1.0, Effect Hit Rate wasn’t all that prominent a stat that I personally wasn’t utilizing during my playtime. With the introduction of Silver Wolf, this is looking to shake things up a bit in the meta and one that I will keep an eye on.

For those who are not aiming to get her signature 5-star light cone when her banner appears, this is definitely worthy as a second contender to consider!


How to get the light cone

According to the Version 1.1 Special Program, the “Before the Tutorial Mission Starts” light cone should roll out alongside the release of Honkai Star Rail’s Version 1.1 during the same time of Silver Wolf’s banner.

You can get it for free when you participate in the  “Starhunt Game” where you try to decode the messages found in graffiti’s scattered across Herta’s Space Station and by going to a special version of the game’s “Simulated Universe” where you retrace the steps of the elusive hacker when the time she and Kafka attacked the station during the first part of the game.

The Starhunt quests are really on-rails straightforward without the need of a guide. You just have to pan the camera around to just the vandalized areas.

To my knowledge, this particular is the only way of obtaining this unique Light Cone along with its superimposition materials, so I would advice players to grab it as soon as you can before the event concludes!

Honkai: Star Rail is available right now for PC via client download and Epic Games Store, iOS via App Store, and Android via Google Play. Console versions are still in development, with more information releasing soon.


Honkai: Star Rail version 1.1 ‘Galactic Roaming’ releases June 7

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