When can we expect the playable demo for Final Fantasy XVI?

Eagle-eyed fans spotted Final Fantasy XVI's demo appearing on the PlayStation Store. It now begs the question, when can we get it?

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted Final Fantasy XVI’s demo appearing on the PlayStation Store. Though you can’t downloaded it as of this post, it begs the question… When can we expect the demo for Final Fantasy XVI to release?



What we know so far:

  • A free demo for Final Fantasy XVI is confirmed by Square Enix to release before the game officially launches
  • The demo will feature Clive’s earlier days living in Valisthea and is similar to the hands-on preview earlier provided to media

If you missed the PlayStation Showcase, or if you just want to hype yourself up even more for its upcoming launch, you can watch the new Final Fantasy 16 “Salvation” launch trailer below:


Personally, I was easily hyped on all the trailer videos and gameplay footage shown the past few months. I was immediately drawn to their the franchise’s fresh take – focusing on a single main character paired with an eye-candy action-RPG system mixed in with some Devil-May-Cry sensibilities while still having that Final Fantasy flair.

Also, there’s kaiju battles.

To those who are itching to try out the game or on the fence of even purchasing it, the demo should help sway the decision in one way or another, right? So when can we expect to download it?

This tweet below might give us a very big clue.

So when can we expect the demo? The first date that I thought is circling around Yoshi-P’s announcement that the demo will arrive 2 weeks before game launch. Doing a bit of math the date would be June 8, 2023. This would really be great if it holds true as it will be just 2 days more after writing this!

However, looking at the tweet above my bet is that the demo will roll out this June 11, 2023 3:00pm PDT. The same day that Square Enix will host a pre-launch celebration in Los Angeles on this day, where the event will be streamed live. So what perfect way to announce the demo than to mention it during all the festivities happening on June 11, right?

Whether it be June 8 or June 11, we can expect it to be SOON!

Final Fantasy XVI will be released for the PlayStation 5 as a timed console exclusive on June 22, 2023.


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