HoYoverse makes an impact at SM Megamall for HoYo FEST 2023

HoYo FEST 2023 makes a huge impact in the Philippines!

HoYoverse celebrates HoYo FEST 2023 in the Philippines, this being their third in the country! From previous café collabs, HoYoverse decided to ramp it, take it up a notch, and make an impact by holding the event in SM Megamall Event Center Building A. This event started last October 22, 2023 and will run until today October 29, 2023. This time, they brought all their games in full force! Festival goers will not only get to see various merch and showcases from Genshin Impact but also from their most recently released game, Honkai Star Rail, which has risen in popularity to match that of its predecessor. Tears of Themis and Honkai Impact 3rd also makes an appearance!


Festival goers will also be delighted to know that they will get to try HoYoverse’s new game, which has yet to be released, and first time ever playable here in the Philippines: Zenless Zone Zero! Yours truly got to try it out and we can say that it’s a very fast-paced action RPG that relies on your button mashing skills, executing perfect dodges, and timing your switches between your three characters to pull off flashy and devastating combos on your enemies! We can’t wait for it to be released!

All of their games have separate booths where you can try the actual games and play some real life mini-games on the side to win freebies and merch such as rolling the omni dice from Genshin Impact’s Genius Invocation and taking pictures with the slimes! Some booths require you to show your account so make sure your UIDs are ready and you have followed all of their pages!

The place was also populated by a lot of cosplayers dressing up as their favorite HoYoverse characters! After doing all the activities, you can then treat yourself to the merchandise store and the photo booth at the end.

During our stay at the event, it seems Honkai Star Rail was the most popular booth with the longest line! We can say that the event was a success because the line eventually reached up to the 5th floor which honestly says a lot about how much the Philippine crowd loves the HoYoverse games.

Overall we had fun at HoYo FEST 2023 and we would like for you to experience it as well! So yeah, if you haven’t yet, go and feel the impact at SM Megamall Event Center, Building A today to take part on its very last day!