Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Resident Evil Village gets a creepy new trailer at the PS5...

And it shows off a bit more of the game's unnerving setting.

Capcom confirms that Resident Evil Village will be part of Tokyo...

Expect a new trailer and maybe a gameplay showcase!

A Resident Evil live-action series is in the works courtesy of...

Netflix has just announced that a live action adaptation of Capcom's Resident Evil series is currently in the works. The series will be helmed by Andrew Dabb and Bronwen Hughes.

Resident Evil 8 announced at the PlayStation 5 livestream

Looks different, but interesting!

Make your Halloween Horrifyingly Fun with these Horror-Themed Board Games!

All Hallows' Eve is just around the corner and you can already feel the horror-filled vibes in the air. From the horror specials online and on TV, to your buddies prepping their creepy costumes, the spirit is alive once more! And what better way to get into the vibes but with horror-themed board games! But not every gaming session is the same as different players, preferences, circumstances and the like call for specific type of games. You might need party games for some scenario while highly thematic ones might be needed in another. Fear not! We got your back as we give you our go-to tabletop horror-themed games every scenario! Let's get to it and let the fright begin!
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