Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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New Overwatch story reveals that Soldier: 76 is gay

He is now the second confirmed LGBTQ character in the game!

Bethesda’s Next Big Game is Fallout 76!

Do not confuse with Soldier 76.

Check Out These Cosplay Highlights from Toycon PH 2017!

Take a look at some of the impressive cosplays we found at Toycon PH 2017!

It’s Official: Tracer from Overwatch is a Lesbian! | New Overwatch...

Overwatch just released their Holiday Webcomic entitled "Reflections" and we finally get to see that Tracer is officially lesbian (or bi).

This Video of Overwatch Voice Actors Hanging Out is All Sorts...

Jonny Cruz aka the Voice Actor of Lucio from Overwatch posted on Twitter a video of him hanging out with the rest of the Overwatch Voice Actors in-character!
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