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The Dark Rift beckons, are you brave enough to heed the call? | DOTA 2 Dark Rift Update Review

You asked for it an now it’s finally here! Dota 2’s new hero, Vrogros the Underlord, has invaded the Dota 2 roster and is ready to wreak havoc! Can you control the power from the Dark Rift?

[First Look] Imploding Kittens, the NEW Expansion for Exploding Kittens

A first look of Imploding Kittens, the new (and the first) Expansion of Exploding Kittens, the award-winning card game that made Kickstarter history as the most-backed project (ever!)

Details on the New Pokémon GO Update (8-22-16)!

Niantic Labs just released a new version of Pokemon Go, Android (0.35.0) and iOS (1.5.0). Know more about the update here!

An Interview with Riddle, Mike Zeck, and Other Incoming APCC Manila 2016 Guests

The AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2016 is just DAYS AWAY but, before the event gets underway, we got a chance to interview some of the guests for a chance to get to know them better and to get their thoughts on the upcoming event.

Asus ROG Laptops Upgrade their Laptops to the Power of 10!

These ASUS ROG Gaming Laptops just got a massive video card upgrade!

WATCH: Newest Trailer for Защитники/Guardians Movie for 2017

This newest trailer will make you forget all the other foursome superhero teams.

Gaming Library celebrates GenCon 2016 with All-Day Gaming at GenCon PH Party!

Last Sunday, boardgamers flocked to Dyce N Dyne to play almost 50 new GenCon-released games in Gaming Library’s all-day gaming session known as the GenCon PH Party 2016! Here are some highlights from the event!

The Legend of the Lazy Invincible General Unfolds in Alderamin on the Sky

A brilliant military genius tries to make an easy life for himself through unorthodox tactics and slacking off.

The hunting grounds are open in “Hunters” TV exclusively on IFLIX Philippines

Binge-watching starts now as SyFy’s “Hunters” becomes exclusively available in Philippines via iflix Philippines!

Pinoy Indie Film Being Made in Japan Needs Your Help

Here’s an interesting project that you may just want to support. 🙂

Dota 2 incoming update. Enter the New Hero: The Monkey King!

With TI6 in the history books, we are left wanting with more Dota 2 as we wait for the next Major. In the meantime, Valve has decided to tease us with a preview of a new update coming in the next few months!

More Pokémon GO Events and Promos this weekend!

More Pokémon GO Events and Promos this weekend. Check out the list to get exclusive promos or even a FREE Steak!