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Nomad’s Place Airbnb: One Can Never Have Too Much Waifus!

In case you need to be reminded that you’re in Japan. Every wall in this place screams anime (well anime waifus to be more exact! :p)

There’s a new “Gy” in town! | MacGyver Returns to TV in AXN

There’s an esteemed list of people who have been immortalized because...

Watch Pokémon Generations, a new YouTube series that celebrates 20 Years of Pokémon

Cue in the nostalgia! Watch the Pokémon Generations, a new YouTube series that celebrates 20 Years of Pokémon.

Goodbye life, entire VOLTES V and DAIMOS now on iflix! Woohoo! Hermit-mode ON!

“BORUTESU FAIBU ni inochi wo kakete/ yuku zo shouri wo tsukamu made/ uchuu no yoake wa mou chikai” if you sang that, this one’s definitely for you! 😀

Top 5 Booth Babes of the Tokyo Game Show 2016

The sights and sounds of the con would get your heart racing through their sheer awesomeness. One aspect that really stood out was how the con had awesome booth babes! In this article, we’ll run through, in no particular order, the TOP 5 Booth Babes of TGS 2016.

Snapchat continues where Google Glass left off with their wearable technology eyewear, ‘Spectacles’!

Introducing ‘Spectacles’, the wearable technology from Snapchat that can record videos straight to Snapchat.

TGS 2016 First Global Game Summit Predicts More Diverse Gaming for the Industry’s Future

What do games reps from EA, Abylight Studio, AsiaSoft, Tencent and Bandai-Namco think of the Future of Gaming? Find out from our quick report of the first Global Game Summit held during the Tokyo Game Show 2016!

League of Legends Enters the Board Game Scene with Mechs VS Minions!

Prepare for a CLASH of two worlds as the popular MOBA giant, League of Legends, and Riot Games bring us the tabletop game Mechs VS Minions! Yes, you read that right, a video game company is making a board game. Don’t think it’ll work out? well, let’s see…

New Pokémon GO Feature: Capture Location | Game Update Details (9.23.2016)

Read about the upcoming update for Pokémon GO Android (v. 0.39.0) and iOS (1.9.0)

Puyo Puyo Chronicle shows off a fresh perspective on the adventures of Arle and Carbuncle in TGS 2016

Do you love role-playing games? How about puzzle games? If you answered “yes” to both questions, then Puyo Puyo Chronicle on the Nintendo 3DS is the perfect game for you.

Check out SEGA’s Yakuza 6 Trailer and 17-min Gameplay Video from TGS 2016!

Sega just showcased it’s upcoming game Ryu Ga Gotoku or more commonly known as Yakuza 6 during Tokyo Game Show 2016. Watch the short story trailer here!

TGS 2016 – Hatsune Miku VR Future Live: A whole new Vocaloid experience is waiting for you

Tokyo Game Show has brought us exciting new previews of upcoming game titles, and it certainly wouldn’t be complete without sneak peeks of the latest rhythm game featuring everyone’s favorite electronic diva Hatsune Miku.