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War… Wargaming Never Changes | Fallout Tabletop Game Announced

For those who want to extend their post-apocalyptic adventure from digital to tangible, a tabletop game based on the popular Fallout franchise is in the works!

I’m Chest-Bursting With Excitement Already! Check out Alien: Covenant and Get to Experience “Alien Day” on April 26th!

In space… Well we all have an idea what happens next! From director Ridley Scott comes another monumental cinematic event continuing the ever popular 28-year long franchise in Alien: Covenant! Check out the trailer here, as well as all the Xenomorph-related events that could be happening near your area!

This Choir-Style Singing of the ‘EVANGELION’ Anime OP Theme will Definitely Make your Day!

Prepare to be washed away with 90s Anime Nostalgia with this BEYOND EPIC choir-singing of Evangelion’s Opening Theme: A Cruel Angel’s Thesis!

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to SVCC? | Silicon Valley Comic Con Day 1 Highlights

It’s back and bigger than before! Here are some highlights from this year’s SVCC 2017!

One Heck of a Ride! | UNFAIR Boardgame Review

Well this a breath of fresh air! From Good Games Publishing and recently picked up by Cool Mini Or Not comes a game with a theme that I don’t see very often in tabletop. Ride with UnGeek and check out our review of Unfair! (Yes that’s two Un’s in one sentence, woo-hoo!)

All Day, All Play FOR FREE! ‘All Aboard’, the Free Boardgaming Play Event, is BACK for International Tabletop Day!

Celebrate International Tabletop Day by heading over to ALL ABOARD 2.0 – the Free Play Tabletop event where you get to play OVER 100 GAMES ALL. FOR. FREE.

Learn about DiRT 4’s stage creation technology in this developer diary update!

The DiRT series gets even dirtier as the latest installment in the highly successful franchise ups the ante!

Lust for Blood and Live for Death in the newest action-RPG from Bandai Namco, Code Vein!

Draining blood from your enemies has never looked so good.

Worlds Collide as MMA and Gaming meet head-on with Predator and ONE Championship’s New Partnership!

Brandon Vera, Rich Franklin, Predator, MMA and Overwatch. What a time to be alive!

Here are 10 games we’d like to see when the SNES Mini happens!

With the rumored return of the SNES in mini-form, here are the top 10 games we’d like to see when it happens!