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The Blue Blur is Back! Check out Sonic Mania!

Get nostalgic and take a look at this awesome opening sequence for Sonic Mania!

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Gets Release Date, Collector’s Edition Announced

Prepare those wallets! We know you want that Collector’s Edition.

Catch the Phantom Thief! Japanime Games brings us Kemomimi Panic at Gencon!

Join the citizens of Mokemoke and catch the great thief Crescent Moon in Japanime Games’ latest title, Kemomimi Panic!

Get a chance to become a Gaming God with the ASUS ROG Masters Philippine Finals Giveaway!

Hop on down to the ASUS ROG Masters Philippine Finals this weekend and get a chance to gain god-like gaming powers!

Save Up on Sega Games on the PlayStation Store | 2017 Summer Sale Ongoing!

SEGA Games offers special discounts on your favorite titles! What better time to get gaming than RIGHT NOW with these games! Check out the list here.

4 Reasons to Go Further with the ASUS Zenfone 4 Max!

The phone that does more and then some! Check out the latest model in the ASUS Zenfone series. I’m sure Yoo are Gong to love it!

An Interview with APCC 2017 Guests Pion Kim, Philip Odango, and Jin!

We interview three of the announced guests for the APCC 2017 CAGE competition!

The World’s First Official Sailor Moon Store Opens in Japan this September!

Your wallet will be punished… In the name of the moon!