WATCH: New Yu Yu Hakusho OVA teaser trailer

Our hype meters are off the charts!

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After its announcement last December 2017, we got our first look at the upcoming Yu Yu Hakusho OVA last July. While the screenshots definitely got us hyped up, we were hungry for more content. Good thing Bandai Namco just released a teaser trailer for the Yu Yu Hakusho OVA!

Check the trailer out here:


It might be a short trailer, but it sure got us hyped up (and slightly teary-eyed). It’s been way too long since the original Yu Yu Hakusho anime last aired, and it’s just so awesome to see Yusuke and the gang back in action!

In case you aren’t familiar, the new Yu Yu Hakusho OVA will reveal more about Hiei and Kurama’s past. The OVA will feature the “Two Shot” and the “All or Nothing” chapters in the manga.


The Yu Yu Hakusho OVA will be released in Japan this October 26, and it will be bundled inside the Yu Yu Hakusho 25th Anniversary Blu-ray Box collection.

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