Games and Esports Continue to Strive at Globe amidst Pandemic

Some good news for mobile gamers and esports in the Philippines.

Despite the Pandemic still making its mark in the nation, countless lockdowns and businesses striving to reinvent themselves for the new normal, gaming, subsequently esports has been on the rise exponentially.

According to Globe SVP and Head of Content Business Group, Nikko Acosta, during a briefing held with the media, said that from minimal share of content traffic three years ago, Games and Esports went up to more than double in year-on-year traffic growth.  This could be attributed to the availability of the proper device, strong connection to internet services, and an impressive portfolio of games to choose from today.

“Enjoying your passion doesn’t mean it will go away with this pandemic. The nice thing about being online is that as long as you have the time, you’ll be able to invest properly. And since you’re at home, you can also connect to your friends and community to be able to play together,” Acosta said.

He added: “The past year-and-a-half has been an opportunity for us.  With the right distribution, with the right pricing, with the right infrastructure, we believed the players would come, and they wouldn’t only come, they would stay. And that is something that we’re proud of.”

New game series like League of Legends Wild Rift has seen an influx of users when it went to Open Beta and quickly took part in various renowned esports tournaments here and abroad. Speaking of esports, Globe has been heavily investing on this category from years back especially with the formulation of Liyab, a wholly-owned esports team funded and supported by the telco.

Globe isn’t new with cultivating talents from the ground up and pandemic or no pandemic, the Telecommunication Giant keeps launching varied initiatives to be entrenched in the growing esports culture. PPGL and ACADARENA are two venues that give newly discovered amateur players chances to aspire and be recognized not just here but potentially throughout the region as well.

And the continued partnership with Gaming Partners and Publishers allow Globe to create unprecedented partnerships to add more value to their growing customer (and mobile gamer) base like with the recent introduction of RiotGO.

All this is done through the multi-channel support from Globe Telecom and their quick pivot to 5G and various mobile data infrastructure.

While we all hope that things return to normal and we can attend live esports tournaments like before, Globe has created a digital community to allow fans to watch the tournaments right in the comforts of their homes but still be able to engage with other viewers through chat.

“We do the same with fervor and tenacity to set Esports up, but we do it online. And we have the promise that someday when things open up with the proper safety protocols, we can go back to including our offline events. Esports is thriving because we can create a community digitally. And someday it will be both digital and offline,” Acosta said.

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