Red Bull hosts third R1V1R Runes Dota 2 tournament in the PH

    The champion of the tourney will get to face one of the members of Team OG.


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    Red Bull is hosting the third R1V1R Runes Dota 2 tournament in the Philippines, and it is happening on November 13 to 27, 2021. And much like the previous tournament, the champion of this year’s R1V1R Runes tournament will get to face off against one of the members of Team OG.

    In case you’re unfamiliar with this event, the tournament will be played on the Red Bull R1v1r Runes custom map which features a 1v1 mirror matchup. To win, a player must achieve three kills, or score the first kill on the enemy T1 tower.

    Red Bull R1V1R Runes 2021 is free to join and is open to all amateur and professional players in the Philippines who are above the age of 18. The tournament will kick off of national qualifiers, and the top 2 players from each qualifier will move on to the National Finals on November 27.

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    The event’s registration and qualifiers are happening on the following dates:

    • November 5-21 – Tournament Registration
    • November 13 – Qualifier 1
    • November 14 – Qualifier 2
    • November 20 – Qualifier 3
    • November 21 – Last Chance Qualifier
    • November 27 – National Finals
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    Players will have the opportunity to register for all 3 qualifier rounds to. 128 players will be playing in each qualifying round, and only the top 2 players will be moving on to complete the 8-man roster who will face offagainst each other at the National Finals.

    Interested in joining? Registration for Red Bull R1V1R Runes 2021’s Qualifiers 1 to 3 is now officially open via:

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