Magic: The Gathering teams up with Dungeons & Dragons for second installment of Commander Legends

Roll for initiative, MTG-style!

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June 10 will be another exciting time for Magic: The Gathering players, specifically those who play EDH/Commander – arguably the most popular way to play MTG nowadays.

Commander Legends, a format-specific expansion will make a return and this time bringing is D20 game with them as they partner once again with RPG giant Dungeons & Dragons, incorporating their trademark flair and fluff to the world’s most popular collectible card game.

A brief history before we discuss what’s new and returning in the set.

Back in 2020, we saw Magic: The Gathering’s first expansion that was aimed primarily for the format which is called Commander Legends. Though the set was generally considered to be a success, it’s full potential might have not been appreciated by players because the product rolled at the height of pandemic. There were a lot of memorable cards that really made an impact in the set like the sought after Jewelled Lotus as well as some iconic Legendary Creatures like Obeka, Brute Chronologist that can turn back time because of a built-in Sundial of the Infinite.

Fast-forward to 2022, we get not just a new sequel for Commander Legends but also effectively a sequel to Dungeons and Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms in Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate. Not only does the new expansion give more love to the fan-favorite format, it also expands the games “Universes Beyond” idea bringing in more well-loved IP’s to the game.

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From Magic: The Gathering

Journey to Baldur’s Gate, the most influential metropolis in the Forgotten Realms. A city-state flourishing with commerce, Baldur’s Gate attracts wealth-seeking merchants, penniless refugees and other characters from all over Faerûn seeking opportunity within its massive walls. Featuring D&D icons such as Tasha the Witch, Elminster, and fan-favourite duo Minsc and Boo, Battle for Baldur’s Gate allows players to weave a tale of power and intrigue as you battle your friends in Magic’s most popular multiplayer format.

The latest installment to Commander Legends offers more freedom than ever for players to build their own legends. A set specifically designed to be drafted, Battle for Baldur’s Gate breaks the Singleton rule of traditional Commander play by allowing for two or more of the same card to be included in a deck.

Elements of roleplay adapted from D&D are also seen in Backgrounds, a new type of enchantment. Legendary Background cards represent the story that brought your commander to the point where we find them now. Each one gives your commander a bonus. Most often, this bonus comes in the form of an ability your commander gains or a boost to their power and/or toughness.

Veterans of D&D can tell you that initiative is important, and it’s important in Battle for Baldur’s Gate as well. Initiative, a new keyword ability, enables three significant bonuses: First, whenever a player takes the initiative, they venture into Undercity (Undercity is a new dungeon card). Second, the player with the initiative ventures into Undercity again at the beginning of their upkeep. Third, several cards in the set get better if you have the initiative.

True to the lore of Baldur’s Gate, the second Commander Legends set sees the return of Rulebook frames. Every Legendary Creature card receives a frame styled to the look and feel of the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual, evoking the classic rulebook aesthetic cherished by fans of the tabletop game.

Stunning Borderless frames are also available for certain Mythic Rare Planeswalkers, artifacts and creatures, including five new Mythic Elder Dragons that each embody a colour and a powerful ability.

Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate will be available as Draft Boosters, Set Boosters and Collector Boosters, as well as Precon Commander Decks, a Prerelease pack, and a special Commander Legends Bundle containing an oversized D20.


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Available only in selected Southeast Asian countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines), players will be able to own a customised branded dice case with every purchase of a collector booster box. Produced in celebration of the set launch, the dice case are available while stocks last, at participating WPN stores and online (Singapore only).

Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate is scheduled to release worldwide on June 10, 2022 with pre-release events usually happening a week before the product officially rolls out.

For product availability in your area, you can check out Magic: The Gathering’s store locator here.

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