Fallout and Jurassic Park are the next collaborations coming to Magic: The Gathering

Dinos. Dino never changes.

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Magic players will soon experience the post-nuclear, alternate reality world of Fallout as well as the popular sci-fi franchise Jurassic Park in collectible card came form!

Magic: The Gathering’s 30th anniversary is back at at Gen Con, returning to the convention where many fans first discovered the popular collectible card game. To celebrate 30 years, Magic luminaries hosted a panel for Magic fans and gave them an unprecedented look ahead at upcoming releases for Magic: The Gathering , all the way through 2026.

One of the main highlights of the panel came from the announcement for a new set involving Bethesda Softworks’ Fallout franchise planeswalking to Magic: The Gathering’s Universes Beyond product line.

For those unfamiliar with the ‘Universes Beyond’ product line for Magic: The Gathering, they aim to bring popular franchises to the popular card game and integrating their well-loved game mechanics like their patented mana system, exciting combat and spell-slinging shenanigans.

More Fallout details from Magic’s press release:

In collaboration with Bethesda Softworks, Wizards of the Coast will bring the iconic gaming franchise Fallout to Magic: The Gathering with ready-to-play Fallout-themed Commander Decks. Launching in March of 2024, Magic players and Fallout fans can experience the post-nuclear, alternate reality world of Fallout with gangs of bloodthirsty raiders, towering super mutants, irradiated monsters, and deadly retro-futurist robots. These Commander Decks will bring the Wasteland’s many colorful factions to Magic: The Gathering so that players can recreate some of Fallout’s most famous – and outlandish – moments.

If you want a bit more dino with your deck then you might be interested in Lost Caverns of Ixalan, a mainline set expansion coming to Magic: The Gathering. Much like what they did with putting the kaiju’s from Godzilla in Ikoria, they seem to go with the same formula for Ixalan but with, yes you guessed it, dinosaurs!

More details from their press release:

Lost Caverns of Ixalan (release date: Q4 2023)

After exploring the wilds in Eldraine, players will return to Ixalan—where dinosaurs roam—in The Lost Caverns of Ixalan. This set includes a thematically appropriate collaboration with the blockbuster Jurassic World franchise—also celebrating its 30th anniversary this year with the release of Jurassic Park in 1993—with cards featuring brand new artwork that showcase iconic characters and scenes spanning across six feature length films in the Jurassic World franchise.

Dinos. Dino never changes.

Magic: Lost Caverns of Ixalan will release Q4 of 2023, while their “Universes Beyond” Fallout set is expected to release on March 2024.


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