CMON and SPIEL Essen partnership announced for CMON Expo Bangkok

The partnership kicks off at the CMON Expo Bangkok on November

CMON Limited, renowned designer / publisher of board games like Zombicide and Blood Rage,  is partnering with  SPIEL Essen for CMON Expo Thailand. The CMON and SPIEL Essen partnership aims to further their goal to promote board game events across the world.

CMON Expo Bankok is happening on November 4-5, 2023 at the Samyan Mitrtown in Bangkok, Thailand. Here, the SPIEL Essen organizers will be in attendance and will host an information and marketing booth in the event. This will mark the start of a partnership between both entities where they will work together to co-promote future conventions both online and offline. This also means that, come 2024, we can expect that CMON Expo will also have a booth at the SPIEL Essen event.

“SPIEL Essen is the defining game convention in our industry, and this is a major step forward in bringing that love of games to the incredibly fast-growing markets throughout Asia. I have been attending Essen for decades, and it’s an honor to host them at our convention. I hope that our shared passion for tabletop gaming will inspire players, publishers, and designers to see the potential in what we can achieve.”, says CMON Founder and CEO David Doust.

For news on the CMON and SPIEL Essen partnership or for ticketing and event schedules of the CMON Expo Bangkok event, you can visit the official CMON Expo website.